Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3

Twisted Metal

Feb 14, 2012

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Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Content Rating: Mature


High atop his penthouse office, a mysterious ringleader named Calypso lords over the contest of vehicle combat known as Twisted Metal. He returns again to host the ultimate contest of skill and destruction. Contestants have been chosen to compete and, should they emerge victorious, win whatever prize their heart desires.

Critic Reviews

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Josh FernandesFeb 21, 2012
The best part about Twisted Metal on the original PlayStation was sitting down with a group of friends and having a blast blasting each other to bits. Twisted Metal on the PS3 certainly keeps that spirit alive with a truly great multiplayer experience. The story itself may not make you shriek in excitement (remember that grandma from Twisted Metal II that only wanted to watch her soap operas?), but the multiplayer certainly will.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioFeb 14, 2012
Twisted Metal is just about blowing your opponents up, and that's simply an enjoyable pastime. The power-up management and vehicle selection give the game a sort of arcade feel that you just don't get in modern shooter games. Despite all its flaws, this game feels, at its core, like a true Twisted Metal title, and, to this day, Twisted Metal is pretty much the only franchise to get excessively violent vehicle combat right.
Dan RyckertFeb 14, 2012
When Twisted Metal embraces the series traditions, it delivers the best action ever seen in the franchise. When it departs from convention, however, it becomes a hit or miss affair. Whether or not vehicular combat can strike a chord with gamers in 2012 the way it did in 1995 remains to be seen, but Twisted Metal is a blast when it’s firing on all cylinders.

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