Top Spin 4 for PlayStation 3

Top Spin 4

Mar 15, 2011

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Developer: 2K Czech
Content Rating: Everyone


Top Spin 4 redefines the way you experience the game of tennis. Intuitive controls make gameplay immediately accessible yet deep and rewarding for the tennis experts who want to plan their strategy, target their opponent's weaknesses and become an unstoppable force on the court.

Critic Reviews

15 Reviews
Matt HelgesonMar 15, 2011
While it’s not a revolution in video game tennis, Top Spin 4 provides both a mastery of the basics and the most comprehensive career mode to date. Throw in a strong roster of real-life professionals, a great online component, and Move functionality for the PS3, and this title is more than ready for center court.
Tom OrryApr 06, 2011
Top Spin 4 isn't flashy and doesn't come with any gimmicks, but it's an incredibly competent and in-depth tennis sim that the sport's fans would be foolish to pass up. It's more accessible than the previous entry and includes the necessary online functionality to keep you playing for months.
Joe UtichiMar 31, 2011
But with the crowds in these arenas audibly reacting to the hairs-breadth play that makes the professional game so exciting, Top Spin 4 really does come closer than any tennis game to date when it comes to capturing the real essence of one of sport's most graceful games.

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