Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

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Jonathan MarxJun 08, 2009
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 shines apart from previous iterations due to the incorporation of both the game’s community and real results from the PGA. Furthermore, dynamic weather, a new putting scheme, and all the best features forged in previous titles keep this franchise moving in the right direction. The only mild missteps I can find with this title is a bunch of in-game advertising in the form of banners that flash across the screen and lots of pauses due to loading.
Justin CalvertJun 22, 2009
As golf games go, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is tough to beat. There really is something for everyone with even a passing interest in golf in this sizeable package, and although there's clearly still some room for improvement, it's well worth a look even if you already own last year's game.
Matthew KatoSep 22, 2009
This year's game makes a few updates to the formula, but it's not a big leap forward. The new rain effects are welcome, and they're... gray. Tiger 10 uses the same announcing team as last year, and I don't know that people care. The new putting mechanic isn't really that new; it's simply an additional display. Incorporating Tiger interviews, the U.S. Open, and more emphasis on real-life golf pros is a nice touch.
Game TrailersJun 10, 2009
"Tiger Woods PGA Tour can best be described as a renovation instead of an innovation." The same can be said of this year's game. We appreciate the strong emphasis on tournament play, but none of the new additions to PGA Tour 10 blow us away. If you absolutely love the series, or are brand new to the franchise, here's another one. But if you're looking for something truly new, you might want to check out PGA Tour 10 on the Wii.
Tom OrryJun 25, 2009
Tiger Woods is a game that has been tuned extensively down the years, and with the new precision putting there really isn't a better time to finally jump in.
Nate AhearnJun 09, 2009
The question of whether to go out and drop your hard-earned 60 bucks on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 should be decided by determining whether or not you're a hardcore golf fan. If you're someone who watches every second of every major tourney then you'll enjoy the inclusion of the US Open and USGA Championship, you'll dig the Live Tournaments, and you'll appreciate the new putting.
VGChartz StaffJul 15, 2009
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is undoubtedly the greatest golf game ever made. Not only does it have every possible game mode, both simulation and arcade, available, but it also feature the best control scheme ever designed for a golf game. The single player, multiplayer, and online mode will keep you occupied for months. Also, when you think about it this game is historical, because for the first time ever a third party developer showed us what Nintendo’s next wacky innovation is capable of before Nintendo could.
Josep Maria SempereJul 07, 2009
No cabe duda de que Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 es el mejor juego de golf que hay en el mercado: es realista, pero al mismo tiempo accesible; es un simulador, pero puede entretener incluso a quien no ha jugado más que a arcades como Mario Golf o Pangya. Realmente la duda sobre su adquisición es únicamente planteable si tenemos la versión del año anterior. Y en ese caso, por desgracia, no soy demasiado partidario de recomendar su compra por una sencilla aunque poderosa razón: con el enfoque casi de RPG que tiene el juego, con leveling de habilidades, PGA Tour 10 no ofrece absolutamente nada.
RivaolJul 07, 2009
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 est un bon cru. Sans révolutionner le genre ou même la série, il apporte une addition de petites nouveautés qui font mouche, de la licence U.S. Open à la nouvelle façon de putter en passant par le développement du jeu en ligne. Les amateurs de golf convergeront naturellement vers ce titre, faute de concurrence crédible, sans risquer d'être déçus.
Rob OttensJul 10, 2009
Hoewel Tiger Woods PGA Tour ook dit jaar weer de beste golfgame van het jaar is, met vele features en opties, moet Electronic Arts wel oppassen voor stilstand. Er wordt maar net genoeg toegevoegd om de game interessant te houden, en dan vooral op online gebied. Volgend jaar zal er echter heel wat meer verbeterd moeten worden.