The Swapper

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Dan JonesJul 29, 2014
Facepalm Games have created something special with The Swapper, with Cruve Studios helping to bring the game to PlayStation. The unique cloning abilities of the mysterious Swapper device pave the way for some challenging puzzle designs and a gripping story, that sci-fi fans will no doubt love. However, you can’t help but feel that it’s all over far too soon.
Chandler WoodJul 23, 2014
It successfully made me take a step back, look at my own being, and asked tough psychological, moral, and ethical questions that don’t necessarily have a right or a wrong answer. All the while I was embroiled in some of the most well thought out puzzle mechanics in years. The Swapper will fly under many people’s radar, which is unfortunate because with its unique take on graphics, puzzles, and narrative, they will be missing out on what I would say is the best puzzle platformer experience since Portal.
Mikhail MadnaniJul 23, 2014
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the puzzles and story since I completed The Swapper. For a game so cryptic, I’m surprised at how much it impacted me. The ending in particular will stay with you for a long time. The Vita’s small screen did wonders for the immersion, despite the beauty of The Swapper’s unique art style. My advice is turning the lights off, grabbing a good pair of noise-removing headphones, and getting completely and utterly enveloped in The Swapper. It is the triumvirate of visual, aural, and mental bliss.
Alberto PastorJul 24, 2014
Ya sea en PC o consolas PlayStation, The Swapper puede presumir de ser una de las mejores aventuras de puzles de los últimos años. El impecable diseño de sus rompecabezas, la importancia y encanto que destila a nivel argumental, y su poderosa ambientación son aspectos que están muy por encima de la media. Es un auténtico imprescindible.
Eike CramerAug 25, 2014
Das einzigartige Artdesign, die tollen Lichtstimmungen und die eindringliche Hintergrundmusik sorgen auch auf dem großen Bildschirm für eine ungemein dichte Atmosphäre. Theseus ist immer noch ein einsamer, aber extrem spannender Schauplatz, der durch seine Abwechlung und seine Dimensionen eine ungeahnte Faszination ausübt. Die einfache, aber sehr durchdachte Spielmechanik rückt die anspruchsvollen Rätsel in den Vordergrund, deren Lösung durch Trial-and-Error nur selten möglich ist.
PanthaaAug 08, 2014
The Swapper est une excellente expérience pour peu que l'on ne soit pas totalement hermétique aux puzzle-games. L'ambiance est délicieuse, la direction artistique est aussi ingénieuse qu'atypique, et l'on est tout de suite happé dans l'univers du titre. Bien que le jeu dispose de beaucoup d'atouts et d'excellentes énigmes bénéficiant des multiples variables introduites par le game design, on pourra tout de même déplorer un manque évident de rejouabilité.