The Last of Us: Left Behind

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Tom Mc SheaFeb 13, 2014
Left Behind is a hugely successful add-on to The Last of Us. When I played through the main game last year, I had trouble connecting to Joel, because his rough demeanor and questionable choices left a bitter taste in my mouth. So it was a relief that his desperation was nowhere to be found in Left Behind.
Nick CowenFeb 14, 2014
Naughty Dog's next chapter may feel a little too basic and brief for its price tag, but its story still stirs the emotions
Brad ShoemakerFeb 18, 2014
It's delightfully ironic that the one game which really didn't need any DLC has received one of the best pieces of DLC in recent memory. Left Behind is a fine blueprint that details the right way to thoughtfully and meaningfully expand on the arc of a story-driven game.
John Llewellyn MartinFeb 21, 2014
The only real complaint here is that it only takes about four hours to complete, and that’s if you go at a snail’s pace. For $15, that might not seem like a lot of content for most people. But the quality more than speaks for itself and is easily worth the price of admission. Of all the things that should be left behind, this DLC is not one of them.
Doug MercerFeb 15, 2014
Overall, Left Behind is a great addition to the already brilliant Last of Us. Naughty Dog took the only two segments of the story they hadn’t fully fleshed out and let you play your way through them, even if you already know the disheartening conclusion. While excellent, Left Behind definitely could have been longer, but with such a well crafted little story, it’s hard to fault the game for not giving me some more monster killing filler.
Matt BeaudetteFeb 15, 2014
If more story content for The Last of Us is what you’re after, you couldn’t have asked for much better than Left Behind, and Naughty Dog shows once again why they’re among the most respected developers in the industry.
Colin MoriartyFeb 13, 2014
With a bunch of collectibles to find, Trophies to earn, and memorable moments to experience, Left Behind is a must-play for fans of the original game. The context it gives alone is worth the price of admission. Just make sure you steel yourself for the revelations you’re about to uncover.
Sammy BarkerFeb 14, 2014
However, quality almost always trumps quantity, and Naughty Dog’s inaugural solo expansion packs plenty of the former into its two or so hour campaign. This is a touching, intelligent, and largely refreshing extension to the core escapade, and while it’s not exactly brimming with narrative revelations, it’s still a beautiful story that you shouldn’t let pass you by.
Dale NorthFeb 14, 2014
The Last of Us: Left Behind is a short but sweet. $15 is a tall ticket for three hours of content, but this content is just as beautifully crafted as the original game was. More importantly, it gives fans of The Last of Us another chance to revisit its world and further explore the life of Ellie. For the first time they'll see her in her element, with her guard down, letting you connect to her fully.
Simon MillerFeb 14, 2014
That was never the point of Left Behind, mind. It's an emotional experience and deliberately so, and anyone who bought into the original narrative will be intrigued - some of the bombshells dropped during its relatively short running time may raise a few eyebrows.
Daniel BischoffFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind barely scratches the itch I’ve been hoping to claw at since I put the controller down last summer. It's a bite-sized extension of the characters and lives fans connected with so deeply. For everyone else, this season pass business feels like a bum deal. I can’t turn down more of a good thing, can you?
Anthony SeverinoFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind is worth the wait, worth every penny you spend on it, and worth the two-hour plus investment of time you put into playing it. It’s even worth playing The Last of Us in its entirety again before loading up Left Behind for the first time so you can get the most out of the atmosphere, gameplay, and connection to these deep characters.
Joshua BruceFeb 14, 2014
While it is a bit short, this DLC pack offers some excellent gameplay and the chance for gamers like myself to fill in a few of the gaps in one of their favorite games of all time. Actually, I think this may be the only time I have spent more than 15 minutes at the mall and haven’t wanted to tear my hair out by the roots or sob quietly in a corner. If you couldn’t tell, I hate malls, but I definitely love The Last of Us: Left Behind, malls and all.
Matt HelgesonFeb 14, 2014
At around two and a half hours long, it's not an epic experience, but another window into Ellie's life. Instead of blunting the impact as I feared, Riley and Ellie's story adds resonance to the original game's ending. For The Last of Us fans, this is a ride well worth taking.
Esmeralda PortilloFeb 13, 2014
...a touching account of two young girls struggling to make sense of a world stripped of its humanity, and it is a tale worth exploring
Blair InglisFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind is the perfect complimentary side-dish for The Last of Us. It’s happier at points, but just as bleak at others, and everything else is pretty much on par with any of the other chapters in the tale. There’s a brilliant approach to the narrative, while Ellie and Riley’s charm shines throughout, their wonder and imagination matching exactly how you’ll feel as you return to this world.
Mike HuberFeb 18, 2014
...a great addition to The Last of Us. adds some actual meaning, gives us a new way to play and an intimate look into Ellie's poignant past
Philip KollarFeb 14, 2014
That sequence aside, Left Behind feels like an important step for Naughty Dog. It's aware of its own shortcomings and largely willing to focus on its strengths. It embraces the developer's impressive character development capabilities, and inches away from including elements that feel arbitrarily shoved in "because it's a game." Left Behind is small and quiet, but it's also confident in a way The Last of Us never quite achieved.
Adam CookFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind serves as a reminder (as if we’d forgotten) of just how good Naughty Dog can be. Truly wonderful sections of youthful exuberance give way to bleak moments of horror and desperation. Two hours may not seem all that long, but the impact Left Behind has will be with you for hours afterwards. On higher difficulties the punishing combat has potential to frustrate, but it’s worth it for the ride, regardless – and what a ride it is. Exceptional, once again.
Jake WestonFeb 24, 2014
When The Last of Us’ credits first rolled for me last year, I argued that it was the perfect ending, and any continuation of the story would ruin its effectiveness. With Left Behind, Naughty Dog has proven me wrong, delivering a story that is powerful and gives the main game’s narrative greater resonance. At fifteen dollars, some may decry Left Behind’s relatively short length, but it’s a small price to pay for a story that is both perfectly paced and emotionally draining, as well as an excuse to revisit one of the best games of this generation.
Leon HurleyFeb 14, 2014
It’s incredible, considering the broader perception of video games, what Naughty Dog has managed to achieve in certain areas here
Stace HarmanFeb 14, 2014
It's so easy to want more of this world - either in the form of a longer run-time here, the chance to explore more of its stories as DLC, or even to hope for a full-blown sequel - but should Naughty Dog resist and lay to rest the stunning experience that it has created, Left Behind will serve as a fitting and masterful final farewell.
Rasmus Lund-HansenFeb 14, 2014
So as said at the beginning, if you're a fan of The Last of Us, you should download Left Behind immediately. The expansion exudes quality, and lives up to the high standards set by the base game in every way. Naughty Dog are the kings of the cinematic gaming experience, and unique in their ability to create believable and human characters that we empathise, laugh and cry with. Left Behind confirms that without wavering.
Steven WilliamsonFeb 14, 2014
Though the two hours flew by and we were left wishing there was another hour or two of gameplay, the slick animation, great voice acting, and emotive storytelling alone are sure to win over any fan of The Last of Us. If you were already looking forward to The Last of Us 2, Left Behind will leave you even more desperate to get your hands on a potential second installment of Naughty Dog’s award-winning new IP.
Bryan CalhounFeb 25, 2014
Luckily for gamers who have wanted new content for The Last of Us, my complaints are few and far between. Controls (especially on a PS3), animation, level design, pacing, acting, lighting, artificial intelligence, story, and pretty much everything else is on the same high level that earned The Last of Us a bunch of game of the year awards in 2013.
Matt MaguireFeb 14, 2014
Great writing and characterisation. Exquisite new environments. Fantastic voice acting. Left Behind shares many of the traits that make The Last of Us so good, but as a prequel, it is unable to surprise the player with its parent game's trump card – its plot. Even so, it's an enjoyable companion piece to the best game of last year.
Albert GarcíaFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind logra engrandecer The Last of Us en su totalidad, que sea todavía una experiencia mejor de lo que tendríamos únicamente con el juego principal, y ese es quizá el mejor elogio que se le puede hacer a un capítulo extra que, a pesar de costar 15 euros, es un regalo para todos aquellos que todavía hoy llevan la historia de Joel y Ellie muy dentro.
Javi AndrésFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind tiene mucho de sorpresa e innovación, mucho de saber hacer audiovisual, mucho de haber atendido al feedback de los jugadores para darles justo eso que pedían y mucho de The Last of Us puro y duro que a los más críticos resultará un más de lo mismo pero que por lo general encantará tanto como el juego.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 14, 2014
Left Behind puede resultar algo corto, de hecho lo es, pero también es un DLC de asombrosa calidad. Su punto fuerte es su extraordinario guión, pero tampoco descuida en absoluto la parte jugable. Una oportunidad inmejorable de conocer a fondo a Ellie, y una contribución a enriquecer la compleja personalidad de la que ya era uno de los mejores personajes que nos han dejado los videojuegos en los últimos tiempos.
Alexander BohnFeb 17, 2014
Es ist auf Augenhöhe mit seinem Ursprungsmaterial, mit demselben Auge fürs Detail und unbeirrbarem Fingerspitzengefühl inszeniert und mit Leichtigkeit der beste DLC, den ich jemals spielen durfte. Fast macht es mich glauben, dass The Last of Us 2 doch keine so schlechte Idee ist. Ich würde mich nicht wundern, wenn Naughty Dog mich ein zweites Mal eines Besseren belehrte.
MiniblobFeb 14, 2014
Tout bon joueur doit vivre avec ses contradictions. On a beau râler sur la multiplication des DLC, il faut bien se rendre à l'évidence que certains contenus téléchargeables apportent une valeur ajoutée au jeu de base. C'est le cas de Left Behind qui vient éclairer des zones d'ombres de The Last of Us, mais qui a le bon goût de ne jamais tomber dans le voyeurisme facile.
Frédéric LuuMay 14, 2015
Court et pourtant long au démarrage, The Last of Us : Left Behind commence petit pour terminer en beauté. C'est toujours mieux que l'inverse, nous direz-vous, et le voyage peut donc en valoir la chandelle si vous avez accroché à l'aventure principale de The Last of Us l'an dernier, et en particulier au personnage d'Ellie, merveilleusement mis en valeur dans certains passages de cette petite escapade.
Laurely BirbaFeb 14, 2014
Malgré une fin décevante, Left Behind reste une extension indispensable ne serait-ce que pour comprendre comment Ellie est parvenue à se forger une carapace, après avoir été une fille insouciante et naïve. Cette évolution dans son caractère est sublimée par des épisodes en plein hiver qui viennent astucieusement s'intercaler, et rappellent que le gameplay de The Last of Us n'a pas pris une seule ride.
Aníbal GonçalvesFeb 14, 2014
Se tivesse que resumir a experiência sem dizer nada de concreto sobre os eventos, diria que metade me soube a mais do mesmo, e a outra metade me fez gostar ainda mais de Ellie, foi também esta metade que abanou as minhas "fundações", e que me faz recomendá-lo sem pestanejar.
Filippo FacchettiFeb 14, 2014
L'unico difetto, in questo caso, potrebbe essere individuato nella breve durata (poco meno di tre ore) in rapporto al prezzo di vendita (14,99 euro), ma vista l'intensità dell'esperienza sarebbe un crimine non consigliare l'acquisto a tutti coloro che hanno finito e adorato il capolavoro Naughty Dog.
Marco SalvaneschiFeb 14, 2014
Ellie cresce giocando, e i giocatori insieme a lei. È una bella crescita emotiva, non brutalmente bellica, però. Bastano un paio d’ore per saziarsene gli occhi e lo spirito, di più avrebbe guastato. Se vi crescono 15 euro, non lasciate indietro Left Behind.
Sebastiaan QuekelMay 26, 2015
Left Behind is geen aanvulling op The Last of Us, het is een essentieel onderdeel ervan. De thriller wordt met terugwerkende kracht eigenlijk net weer wat beter. Vragen waarmee je zat, worden beantwoord, bedenkingen die je had, worden of bevestigd of ontkracht. Eigenlijk klopt echt alles aan Left Behind, van de bloedstollende gameplay tot de ongeëvenaarde verhaalvertelling.