The Last of Us: Left Behind for PlayStation 3

The Last of Us: Left Behind

Feb 14, 2014

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This game requires the base game The Last of Us to play.

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Developer: Naughty Dog
Content Rating: Mature


Ellie returns in Naughty Dog's first ever, single-player downloadable story chapter The Last of Us: Left Behind. New light is shed on Ellie’s relationship with Riley, her best friend and sometime-mentor from a military boarding school they grew up in together. After disappearing for weeks, Riley returns with a surprising revelation on her whereabouts. Ellie and Riley sneak out of school for the last time, leading to a series of events that will forever change both of their lives. The Last of Us: Left Behind combines themes of survival, loyalty, and love with tense, survival-action gameplay in this brand new add-on chapter to the best-selling PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us.

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Jun 30, 2021

The DLC is a worthy add-on to part 1 as it explaines the relationship between Ellie and Joel. Just like the main story, it is well made with deep character development.

Still the same clunky controls as the main story game, which makes sense as it is DLC but still highly recommend this. If you have a playstation, this is a series you MUST play.

marcos melendez

marcos melendez

Aug 11, 2021
Teja P

Teja P

Jun 28, 2021
Mateus Santana

Mateus Santana

May 15, 2021
ScarZero Hasan

ScarZero Hasan

Mar 14, 2021
David Román

David Román

Jul 19, 2020

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Tom Mc SheaFeb 13, 2014
Left Behind is a hugely successful add-on to The Last of Us. When I played through the main game last year, I had trouble connecting to Joel, because his rough demeanor and questionable choices left a bitter taste in my mouth. So it was a relief that his desperation was nowhere to be found in Left Behind.
Mike HuberFeb 18, 2014
...a great addition to The Last of Us. adds some actual meaning, gives us a new way to play and an intimate look into Ellie's poignant past
Simon MillerFeb 14, 2014
That was never the point of Left Behind, mind. It's an emotional experience and deliberately so, and anyone who bought into the original narrative will be intrigued - some of the bombshells dropped during its relatively short running time may raise a few eyebrows.

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