Terraria for PlayStation 3


Mar 26, 2013
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Dig, Fight, Explore, Build. Nothing is impossible in the special edition version of this action packed sandbox adventure. Over a dozen environments and hundreds of items to craft and enemies to defeat. 

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Eduardo RebouçasApr 17, 2013
Terraria was never a gorgeous looking game to begin with, sporting ’16 bit’-ish colorful graphics, tucked into horribly obtuse interface on the PC. This console port looks about the same, and the interface issues are still ever present, unfortunately. The worst issue is with crafting and inventory management. It all quickly turns into a chore the more items you pick up and build. Icons look bland and your management options are needlessly complicated, right down to assigning items to the quick slots on the directional pad.
Aran SuddiApr 05, 2013
Terraria is a simple game that is hard to master, and one that can easily consume your time. The only stories here are the ones you create, either by yourself or with others, and there’s a chance to construct some real masterpieces. It is a shame that the multiplayer seemed dead at the time of writing but if more people get involved it could truly be a fun experience. Terraria is a small title (only 34mb in fact) with huge potential.
Britton PeeleApr 04, 2013
Terraria is a great game packed with content regardless of where you play it. Your platform of preference may depend on what you hope to do: If you want to build magnificent structures above- and belowground and show them off with a dedicated server, you will have a faster, easier time on the PC. If you simply want to explore and fight monsters with friends (maybe while sitting in the same room), then the console version might be more your speed.

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