Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for PlayStation 3

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Feb 25, 2014

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Content Rating: Teen


In Tales of Symphonia, follow Lloyd Irving through as he embarks on a grand adventure with his friends to restore mana back to the world of Sylvarant, a source of energy necessary for the survival of their world. Along the way they learn of the parallel world of Tethe’alla, whose survival rests on the same source of mana Sylvarant needs to sustain life. How will Lloyd and his friends find a way to ensure the survival of both worlds? Tales of Symphonia takes the signature real-time battle system of the Tales of role-playing games allowing for direct control of their character through fast-paced tactical battles.

Critic Reviews

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Bob MackeyFeb 25, 2014
It's a shame that Namco-Bandai didn't decide to pair Symphonia with a Tales game much more worthy of the re-release treatment, because Tales of the New World is disposable at best. But if you still want to play one of the best installments of the series, and don't feel like digging out old hardware, Chronicles could be an ideal opportunity to revisit Tales' finest hour.
Kallie PlaggeFeb 20, 2014
The two games in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles definitely feel their age, but that’s far outweighed by the charm and engaging battle system of the original Tales of Symphonia. The best I can say about Dawn of the New World is that it’s a nice extra, but it’s clear which is the better game here. Still, Chronicles as a whole is incredibly enjoyable and certainly a worthy HD port of a beloved JRPG.
Cameron TeagueFeb 24, 2014
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles shows its age visually, there is no way to get around that and if you are a graphics snob, this isn’t the title for you. For those who can put that aside, you will be treated with two above-average RPGs full of memorable characters, an interesting story spanning two games, and an enjoyable combat system. The bundle is a great value, especially for those who never played either of these due to their Nintendo system releases in the States.

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