Tales of Graces f for PlayStation 3

Tales of Graces f

Mar 13, 2012

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Developer: Namco
Content Rating: Teen


Set amidst the conflict of three kingdoms competing for planetary dominance, Tales of Graces F follows Asbel Lhant and his friends as they come to discover just how far they will go to protect the bonds of friendship between them in a quest that stretches beyond their comprehension.


Critic Reviews

24 Reviews
Kyle HilliardMar 12, 2012
Like many Japanese RPGs, Tales of Grace f takes 10-15 hours before it starts getting good. It moves slowly and never reaches a level of pacing beyond walking from point A to B. I found myself snapping my fingers at the screen telling these people to move it along while they explained the meaning of friendship and how much they care about each other with melodramatic dialogue.
Game TrailersMar 15, 2012
With battles that are over in a flash and a world that imposes hard limits on your exploration, Tales of Graces f emphasizes its shaky story at the expense of your feeling of discovery. You'll spend the majority of the game listening to poorly-delivered conversations, and it seldom feels like time well spent. It gets better as you go, but it’s defined by mediocrity as a whole.
Becky CunninghamMar 20, 2012
With the best series battle system to date, a beautiful world to explore, a truly impressive number of things to do, a playable epilogue to the story, and the usual Tales New Game + system on top of all that, Tales of Graces f is an adventure that provides incredible play value. Fans of the Tales series in specific and of JRPGs in general should consider this one a must-buy.

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