Tales of Graces f for PlayStation 3

Tales of Graces f

Mar 13, 2012
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Developer: Namco
Content Rating: Teen


Set amidst the conflict of three kingdoms competing for planetary dominance, Tales of Graces F follows Asbel Lhant and his friends as they come to discover just how far they will go to protect the bonds of friendship between them in a quest that stretches beyond their comprehension.


Critic Reviews

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Cameron TeagueMar 19, 2012
The extremely sluggish start to the story and its dialogue are easily overshadowed a few hours in as the story and its characters mature. Sure the series hasn’t changed much since we last saw it rock a Sony platform, but who cares. With a combat system that you can’t get enough of and plenty of depth, this is an RPG you can easily sink 30+ hours into without thinking twice.
Game TrailersMar 15, 2012
With battles that are over in a flash and a world that imposes hard limits on your exploration, Tales of Graces f emphasizes its shaky story at the expense of your feeling of discovery. You'll spend the majority of the game listening to poorly-delivered conversations, and it seldom feels like time well spent. It gets better as you go, but it’s defined by mediocrity as a whole.
Nathan GraysonMar 16, 2012
It's the series' tried-and-true mix of campy charm, fast action, and a borderline-artistic knack for wringing entertainment from time-worn cliches that keeps fans coming back for more. In those areas, Tales of Graces F truly excels. It's far from a bastion of genre progressiveness, but as far as achingly traditional JRPGs go, you could do a whole, whole lot worse.

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