Strider for PlayStation 3


Feb 18, 2014

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


Strider returns in a brand new adventure, complete with incredible side-scrolling action, and lightnight fast combat all in a massive interconnected world!

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Hugh ThomasFeb 24, 2014
All in all, Strider is a game for old school gamers. This is a game that will challenge you again and again while keeping a smile on your face. It’s certainly not the best looking game and it’s far from being the best written game but Strider is the single most fun experience I’ve had on the PS4 to date and I would recommend it to any old school gamer on gameplay alone.
Justin TitusFeb 20, 2014
Strider's large-scale levels make for great platforming, and really this is the heart of the game. Double Helix seems to have taken the best parts of the platforming games we love and put them in to one package. There are clear inspiration from games like Shadow Complex, God of War and maybe even Super Metroid (SNES). Whatever the the inspiration, the implementation is perfect, resulting in Strider setting the bar high for platforming games in 2014.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioFeb 18, 2014
There aren’t a whole lot of hardcore action platformers out there these days, so Strider’s release is a welcome boon to the hardcore crowd. You’ll love Strider if you like being challenged, but more importantly, you’ll like Strider if you are a Strider Hiryu fan, and there are a lot of those. At the very least, Strider is worth a try, and as long as you are OK with its short length, you should definitely pick it up.

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