Stick it to The Man for PlayStation 3

Stick it to The Man

Nov 19, 2013
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Developer: Zoink Games
Content Rating: Teen


On an ordinary day, hard hat tester Ray has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain, giving him extraordinary mind-reading powers. Ray can suddenly change the world with stickers, transforming his paper universe by tearing it, folding it and using the crazy stickers he finds (along with his awesome new powers) to solve mind-boggling puzzles! Sadly, Ray doesn't have much time to get to grips with his new-fangled psychic abilities. Instead, he’s on the run from ‘The Man’ for a crime he didn’t commit. Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation?

Critic Reviews

12 Reviews
Chandler WoodNov 12, 2013
Stick it to The Man is an interactive Saturday morning cartoon, and for the price of entry, is actually a pretty fun experience. While some may be turned off by the imbalance between gameplay and dialogue, and the straightforward nature of some of the chapters, I was able to find a simple kind of enjoyment while digging into the conspiracy that hounded Ray and the dysfunction of the large cast that surrounded him.
Aran SuddiNov 13, 2013
Stick It To The Man is such a bizarre and brilliant title overall offering an approximate six hour experience that can’t really be compared to anything else on PS3 or PS Vita. The game plays well and is very engaging, though there are a couple of points that don’t always make the objective clear. The few bugs and errors are the only things that truly can be considered truly bad with the game, though the arm accuracy could have been tightened up a bit. Overall, it’s definitely a game worth playing.
Jenni LadaNov 27, 2013
Stick It to the Man may be brief and potentially better suited to the Vita, but it is big on charm. It has a distinct visual appeal and characters. So much so that I didn't mind when the puzzles were a little too easy, the difficulty a tad cheap, and the story short. I had a good time and almost wished I had an invisible, pink, spaghetti arm of my own.

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