Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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Andrew ReinerOct 26, 2010
In a similar vein to the Starkiller clone’s role, The Force Unleashed II is a shadow of its former self. The graceful gameplay offers a higher level of excitement, but the plot and characterization – two large components from which I expect great things from any Star Wars journey – makes this experience one of 2010’s biggest disappointments.
Kevin VanOrdOct 26, 2010
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has many of the same qualities of its predecessor, but it doesn't really improve on them, and in many ways, it's not as good. That's unfortunate because the core combat is fun. It's a thrill to fling your foes into dangerous Force fields and to zap jumptroopers with lightning and watch them uncontrollably zip around.
Tom OrryNov 02, 2010
I had a real soft spot for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and that's without even being a fan of the movies. Starkiller is a genuinely interesting and dangerous lead character, and I was excited to see how he evolved and the story advanced in the highly-anticipated sequel.
Thomas WilliamsNov 04, 2010
Everything that the sequel does right including improved gameplay and graphics, doubles in what it did wrong. Storyline, boss battles, length of game, linearity. The only replay value the game contains is beating it on higher difficulty and the challenge modes. That is all. No multiplayer or online rankings to speak of. Do yourself a favor and rent, not buy, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.
Amanda L. KondolojyOct 26, 2010
The action may have been amped up, the cameos may be even more surprising, but the clone-focused plotline just doesn't do enough to live up to its predecessor's legacy. Sure, the game is fun. But it could have been meaningful too.
Anthony GallegosNov 03, 2010
Reviewing The Force Unleashed 2 breaks my heart. As a rabid Star Wars fan who's gone so far as to tattoo symbols of the franchise on my body, I wanted to jump into another epic story that better fleshes out Starkiller's story.
Alex St-AmourNov 14, 2010
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II seems to take two steps forward and three huge steps backwards from its predecessor. The graphics and controls are a definite improvement (though they're still not perfect) but the short, repetitive and ridiculous single player will leave even the most die-hard (I’m talking Jar-Jar loving die-hard) of Star Wars fans shaking their heads in disbelief that an idea this cool could end up being so lame. Well at least we now have the Force Unleashed III to anticipate.
Arthur KabrickDec 01, 2010
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II improves upon all of the original’s weaknesses, but none of its strengths. Combat is, for the most part, fantastic, and the occasional platforming is tolerable, especially when mixed with the combat. Where the original was well below the average for a HD game in terms of technical graphics, TFU II raises the bar considerably. Visual design and presentation have shown enormous improvements with inspiration from (frankly) superior games. Only the story, writing and (to a lesser extent) length, the original’s three strong points, bring this down.
Wayne SantosNov 10, 2010
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Is hard to recommend at full retail price, though the game is a safe rental considering its short length.
James CullinaneNov 10, 2010
Perhaps the greatest irony here is that it’s gamers and the gaming press that set themselves up for disappointment this time out. For all its flaws the original game showed great potential and it’s hard to watch it squandered.
Álvaro CastellanoOct 29, 2010
El largo camino hasta tocar el techo que tenía el original no es recorrido por una secuela que, de hecho, pierde algunos enteros con respecto a su predecesor. Divertido por momentos sí, y moderadamente recomendable para fans de hecho, pero también repetitivo y algo corto. Una oportunidad perdida para brillar que queda como un lanzamiento disfrutable pero del que esperábamos más.
DinowanOct 29, 2010
On attendait cette suite avec une certaine fébrilité et LucasArts devait le savoir. Au final, on se trouve face à un jeu qui a perdu tout ce qui faisait son charme. Le scénario tient à peine debout, le système de combat est inexistant (pas de combos), la gestion des points de compétences est risible et la durée de vie n'excède pas 5 heures.
Davide PersianiNov 01, 2010
In definitiva, nel caso in cui abbiate apprezzato il primo capitolo del franchise, è probabile che questo sequel riesca a regalarvi comunque un'esperienza gradevole e divertente. Se così non fosse, dovreste invece pensare seriamente di rivolgere le vostre attenzioni altrove.
Maurice de BoerNov 20, 2010
LucasArts is er weer niet in geslaagd om een topper neer te zetten. Doordat er nog altijd grote minpunten zijn en weinig vernieuwing is te vinden in The Force Unleashed II is dit een middelmatige titel geworden.
Jonas MäkiOct 29, 2010
Just bristen på miljövariation och det alltför korta äventyret känns som de enskilt största bristerna som sänker äventyret. Hade jag fått i alla fall tio timmar och fler olika banor hade det blivit minst två betygssnäpp upp, kanske mer.