Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes for PlayStation 3

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes

Oct 6, 2009

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Developer: Krome Studios
Content Rating: Teen


Fans of the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series can continue the battle for galactic peace in this videogame that puts players right in the middle of the Clone Wars. Take up arms on behalf of the noble Galactic Republic, pursuing the mysterious bounty hunter Cad Bane and combating the all-new Skakoan super villain Kul Teska.

Critic Reviews

9 Reviews
Brett ToddOct 06, 2009
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is the Jar-Jar Binks of 3D platformers. Even the most diehard Star Wars fan will have a hard time stomaching this disappointing effort. All of the control problems, confusing level design, and weird camera positions create a perfect storm of stupid that makes for one spectacularly frustrating platformer.
Chris RoperOct 06, 2009
Unless you or your kids want to play as Jedi or clone troopers just for the sake of doing so, then there's really nothing here that'll keep anyone, young or old, interested for very long. Even if it does, you or your kin are bound to be frustrated at numerous sections and will likely wind up putting down the controller sooner or later. If you want a good family-oriented Star Wars game, you're still way better off with the LEGO Star Wars titles.
Andrew ReinerOct 12, 2009
If you’re hoping this game falls into the “I’ll suffer playing it for a good story” category, I have even worse news for you. The plot introduces a likable villain named Kul Teska (created by LucasArts for the game), yet doesn’t take any of the characters in interesting directions. It ends up being a story of good trying to stop evil and nothing more.

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