Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for PlayStation 3

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Oct 21, 2008
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Developer: Shaba Games
Content Rating: Teen


Spider-Man: Web of Shadows immerse players in an all-new action-adventure saga that gives them unprecedented control, never before seen in a Spider-Man game. Armed throughout the battle and confronted by an unrecognizable New York City, players choose to play as a heroic web-slinger or a volatile, destructive anti-hero, fighting with or against a vast number of fan-favorite Marvel heroes and villains, switching instantly between sides, and deciding which missions to undertake to save mankind.

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Henry GilbertOct 22, 2008
Yet when done right, like Shadows mostly does, nothing beats swinging freely through a huge New York skyline, bashing one foe after another. If the developer could have just tightened up a few minor technical issues and injected a little more soul into the proceedings, this might have been Spidey's best game yet. Instead, it’s just a satisfyingly entertaining experience and a big step back in the right direction.
Game TrailersNov 04, 2008
It's rare that such a great concept is sabotaged so savagely by poor execution, but Web of Shadows is a stark reminder that it takes more than a solid idea to make a great game. Spider freaks who haven't had enough of this same formula will find it to be a solid rental, but if your spider senses are tingling we recommend picking up one of the old games from the bargain bin.
Tom OrryOct 29, 2008
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows ends up being a disappointment despite a lot of potential. We reckon the combat system, the web swinging and special moves are about the best we've seen in a 3D Spider-man game, but the city feels lifeless, the graphics lack spark and the missions range from OK to dire.

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