Spelunky for PlayStation 3


Aug 27, 2013
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Developer: Blitworks
Content Rating: Teen


Spelunky is a platformer with lots of monsters, items, traps, and secrets.Dying in Spelunky can be quick and painful.But each time you restart, you'll play a new, randomly-generated set of levels! It will feel fresh and exciting, and you'll have to think on your feet. There's a lot of freedom to how you want to navigate the levels, which are fully-destructible. And even though they're randomized, you will still get more skilled over time! If you play enough, not only will you get good enough to beat the game, but you may start to unravel some of its deepest secrets.

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Nando Magalhães

Nando Magalhães

Jul 2, 2019

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Craig DavesonSep 03, 2013
If you are the kind of masochist who enjoys the hardest and most punishing of games I would recommend Spelunky to you in an instant. The feeling of achievement when you conquer a cave system is unmatched by games which constantly hold your hand and throw health at you every step of the way.
Richard ArcherSep 03, 2013
Overall Spelunky is an addictive platformer which, despite it being so easy to die, has great playability and clever game mechanics. If you are willing to break through its initial sheer desire to kill you quickly then you will discover a game that is filled with great charm and replayability.
Alberto PastorSep 06, 2013
Spelunky tal vez no sea el videojuego de aventuras plataformeras y acción que más podamos recomendar a un amplio espectro de usuarios. Su arrolladora dificultad, basada en hacernos empezar desde el principio del juego cada vez que erramos, podría resultar desesperante para los usuarios más impacientes. Pero si creciste con este tipo de juegos y te sientes especialmente vinculado a las producciones más "retro" e independientes, Spelunky te parecerá como un oasis en medio del desierto.

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