Spartacus Legends for PlayStation 3

Spartacus Legends

Jun 26, 2013
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Developer: Kung Fu Factory
Content Rating: Mature


Developed in collaboration with the critically acclaimed television series from Starz, Spartacus Legends invites you to experience raw, visceral combat using multiple fighting styles and thousands of different weapon combinations. Follow your gladiator’s journey through multiple arenas and watch as they strive to reach legendary fame, or meet death at the hands of another. Compete with friends online and see if you have what it takes to kill them all.

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Martin Ruiz

Martin Ruiz

May 19, 2020

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Robert RamseyAug 11, 2013
Spartacus Legends lacks the production values required to attain top billing, but its solid fighting mechanics and rewarding RPG elements ensure that it's worth a punt. With no entry price, there are definitely worse ways to spend your time than bathing in the blood of your enemies for the sake of fame and glory – just don't expect a spectacle fit for the emperor himself.
Nick TanJul 19, 2013
That said, if you can ignore the multiplayer and prevent yourself from using gold unless it's absolutely necessary, Spartacus Legends is a satisfactory free-to-play fighter for what it is. Of course, that's a tall order when the game wants you to spend money on premium currency anywhere and everywhere. Shouldn't this game make you feel less like Batiatus and more like, you know, Spartacus?
Jim HargreavesAug 16, 2013
Spartacus Legends isn’t necessarily a bad game, though even its best moments do little to ferry it away from the clutches of mediocrity. The core fighting gameplay is sound enough yet hamstrung by the thought of having to grind through each arena a dozen times, just to scrape together enough fame.

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