Sound Shapes for PlayStation 3

Sound Shapes

Aug 7, 2012
30th of 1270

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Developer: Queasy Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Play, compose, and share in a unique take on the classic side-scrolling platformer where your actions make the music. With equal parts musical instrument and game, Sound Shapes gives everyone the ability to make music and share creations with the community.

Critic Reviews

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Johnathan CarterAug 17, 2012
I was unable to log on to the game's online service for most of the five days I had with it thanks to some frustrating server issues. When I finally managed to get online, I found that many users knew how to design a good level, and a fair few knew how to put together a good tune, but very rarely did I come across someone capable of doing both. There's a lot of potential in Sound Shapes' basic design, and while it may take some time for users to unlock all of it, it'll certainly be worth it when they do.
Colin MoriartyAug 07, 2012
Connection problems and online funkiness aside, Sound Shapes absolutely floored me. Just about everything it does – and with its grand aesthetic taken as a whole – will blow you away. Sound Shapes isn’t only a totally novel game that melds unlikely components together. It’s also successful at trying something new and different. It’s bold, daring and unlike anything you can play on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, or PlayStation 4.
Lawrence SonntagAug 28, 2012
With the exception of quirky platforming physics, there’s nothing to not like in Sound Shapes. Fantastic pre-made levels and a profound level editor make the game a great value as well. Whether you’re academically interested in the more experimental line of games on the PSN or you just want a unique and enjoyable platformer, you can’t go wrong with Sound Shapes.

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