Silent Hill: Homecoming

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Neon KellyFeb 24, 2009
For newcomers, this game offers a solid entry point to one of the strongest series in the genre - provided you have a strong nerve and the tolerance for an uneven difficulty curve. Experienced Hillers will also find much to enjoy here, but there's no doubt that this series is in need of fresh direction.
Matt WalkerSep 30, 2008
This game delivers on the experience you have come to expect from the franchise. It will also give you reason to begin clamoring for the next installment. The folks at Double Helix gave me the Silent Hill I wanted: a nerve-racking, scary as hell experience to hold me over this Halloween season. Any fan of Silent Hill should be checking this out, and anyone just needing a good scare can join in the Homecoming.
8BitBrianOct 07, 2008
It's quite obvious that the team behind this title are fellow fans of the series. We expected the worst, but in the end, we were pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the game's world and the depth of its story. We're glad to say that the little lakeside resort town of Silent Hill continues to be just as messed up as it always was.
Matt WalesFeb 25, 2009
Overall though, there’s the sense Konami doesn’t know what to do with its one-time flagship franchise and, while the basic formula can still captivate, Homecoming is never strong enough to dispel thoughts of what could be in the hands of a more experienced, independent and creative team.
Michael HarradenceNov 01, 2008
Overall, Silent Hill: Homecoming is a solid outing in the franchise and should please the majority of horror fanatics and long time followers alike. While it has its flaws and lacks the polish of its predecessors, Homecoming simply oozes atmosphere and is guaranteed to grip you with intrigue in blood-soaked hands until the end. Just remember – if you think you saw something in the fog, you probably did.
BonomanFeb 18, 2009
Homecoming es un juego notable, pero su falta de ambición en el aspecto gráfico y un desarrollo que peca de ser excesivamente simple y lineal, le impiden llegar más lejos, y sobre todo, estar a la altura de las primeras y sobresalientes entregas de la saga. Mantiene parte de los valores que han hecho conocido el mundo de Silent Hill, añade novedades como el nuevo y efectivo sistema de lucha y aporta, también, novedades 'relativas' que ya hemos visto en anteriores ocasiones...
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 23, 2009
Silent Hill: Homecoming es un buen juego de terror y, de momento, es el mejor Survival Horror puro de la actual generación de videoconsolas. Sin embargo esto no es óbice para que estemos hablando del título menos interesante de la saga, y es que las entregas anteriores dejaron el listón realmente alto. Buenos combates, correctos puzzles y extraordinaria ambientación para un título al que le ha faltado un grado más de excelencia para resultar inolvidable.
LoganFeb 24, 2009
Bien trop engoncé dans une frénésie combative, le titre se cherche sans jamais se trouver. En somme, il sera difficile pour l'amateur éclairé d'opiner du chef surtout après avoir atteint le bout de l'Enfer avec les 4 premiers volets. Sans être totalement inintéressant, ce segment opère un changement qui ne sied pas forcément à la saga et se perd dans ses influences directes ou indirectes.
Tiago LopesFeb 18, 2009
Silent Hill Homecoming apresenta-se como um jogo mais virado para a acção do que para o terror. Apesar de não ser o expoente máximo dentro do seu género, os fãs da série irão encontrar aqui uma boa experiência. E fiquem a saber que existem ligações entre este episódio e o filme homónimo, lançado em 2006.


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