Savage Moon for PlayStation 3

Savage Moon

Jan 29, 2009

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Developer: FluffyLogic
Content Rating: Teen


Savage Moon sees you protecting a remote off-world mining facility from waves of ravenous space bugs, looking to consume everything in their path. Armed with a fearsome array of defensive weapons, your mission is to take your choice of the finest armaments known to humankind and keep the facility safe by strategically placing these guns which then automatically fire at their targets.

Critic Reviews

6 Reviews
Amanda L. KondolojyJan 29, 2008
Of all the new tower defense games that have come out out recently, I have to say that I was very impressed with Savage Moon. Sure, it may not be a beauty in the graphics or audio department, but the layered combat and multitude of tactical options make Savage Moon a must for fans of the ever-evolving tower defense genre, and it isn't a bad choice for those who are interested in RTS-style games in general. As long as you can overlook its aesthetic shortcomings, you'll find a lot to love, and blow up, in Savage Moon!
Randolph RamsayFeb 06, 2009
Apart from its single-player campaign--which depending on your skill could take a minimum of five or six hours to complete--Savage Moon features a challenge mode that sees you take on a never-ending wave of enemies to see how long you can survive. There's no multiplayer component, although the game does feature online leaderboards. The game packs in a decent amount of entertainment for its asking price, but thanks to some of its gameplay quirks, it doesn't do quite enough to make it recommendable for anyone who isn't already a fan of the tower-defense genre.
Jeff HaynesFeb 03, 2009
On face value, Savage Moon looks like it would be an incredible tower defense game: a large space battle where you're fighting against bugs with powerful turrets &#A;rray; how could it go wrong? Well, with strategy that can be easily exploited, turrets that don't track your enemies perfectly, and other issues, Savage Moon starts to quickly fall apart. While the inclusion of Vengeance mode adds a level of replayability, you'll have to fight your way through a lot of strategy problems to enjoy it. It's still a decent game, but expect a lot of frustrating flaws along the way.

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