Saints Row IV for PlayStation 3

Saints Row IV

Aug 20, 2013
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Developer: Volition Inc.
Content Rating: Mature


The epic conclusion to the game that changed all the rules! The Saints have gone from the crackhouse to the White House—but the Earth has been invaded and it’s up to you to free the world from Overlord Zinyak and his alien empire. With homies new and old by your side, and an arsenal of superpowers and strange weapons, you must save the world in the wildest open world game ever!

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Aug 29, 2019
I love playing all the saints row I'm the biggest fan.
j garay

j garay

Feb 27, 2022
AZRIEL.s Chanel

AZRIEL.s Chanel

Jan 12, 2022


Sep 3, 2021


Jul 14, 2020
Łukasz Klebieko

Łukasz Klebieko

Jun 23, 2020

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Chandler WoodAug 14, 2013
Saints Row IV is an empowering, open game, with plenty for everyone to love, and perhaps most importantly, it’s just a ridiculous amount of fun. Unfortunately a number of small bugs and a short campaign length put the brakes on this fun experience a lot sooner than I would have liked, though the fun and features that are to be had are entirely worth it while it lasts.
Blair InglisAug 14, 2013
Saints Row IV is a really fun game but it’s nothing at all original. Perhaps that shouldn’t be said about something that’s one of gaming’s few examples of a parody, but it really falters at the times it tries to do something entirely original, whether that difference be within its own series, genre or gaming as a whole.
Jordan MalloryAug 14, 2013
I was worried that Saints Row 4 would never be able to live up to Saints Row: The Third, that its status as an expansion-turned-full-game would translate to a sloppy experience built on filler and same-y gameplay. Thankfully, Volition's skill for building a living world, lovable characters and ingenious gameplay is as sharply honed as ever. Be it in Steelport, a computer-generated simulation thereof or the very depths of outer space, the Saints rule everywhere.

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