Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for PlayStation 3

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

May 12, 2009
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Developer: Ascaron
Content Rating: Mature


Seraphim who watched over the T Energy and therefore over the fate of the entire world. They passed their knowledge on to the High Elves, so that they could benefit from T Energy. But the High Elves let the power over T Energy tear their society apart, and war and strife broke out. Worse than that, the T Energy itself went out of control, turning negative and creating destructive evil in the land.

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Jonathan MarxMay 12, 2009
Though the console version seems to generally improve upon the game's controls, it also is visually less impressive than the PC title and is technically behind the curve - loads of patches have fixed a lot of problems with the PC outing. Nonetheless, whichever platform you choose, you won't be disappointed with the hack 'n slash goodness the game provides - even if you've done it all before.
Brett ToddMay 15, 2009
Sacred 2 isn't the greatest hack-and-slasher, but it's a slickly put-together one with tons of quests that will give you dozens of hours of playing time both online and off. Even with its repetitive missions and other design issues, like so many other reasonably well-crafted kill-loot games it has a way of getting under your skin and keeping you entranced for hours at a time.
Sammy BarkerJun 15, 2009
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is actually a surprisingly engaging RPG-meets-hack-and-slash affair. Despite issues with its main plot-line and unnecessarily large map, this is the perfect couch RPG. Once you pop, it's kinda hard to stop.

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