Rocksmith 2014

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Steven WilliamsonOct 25, 2013
Consequently, there’s no doubt that Rocksmith 2014 is going to continue to set me on the path to guitar mastery thanks to its wealth of options, tutorials and songs. This is much more than just a rhythm game: Rocksmith 2014 is a masterfully put together and fun learning package that will change some people’s lives for the better by introducing them to the joys of playing guitar. If you've ever thought about playing the guitar or improving your skills, now is the perfect time.
Lee CooperOct 29, 2013
But after a few hours with Rocksmith, my skills improved in the sense that I was no longer a guitar-virgin, and had a basic understanding of the dos and do nots. I won’t be sitting beneath an old tree on some college campus reciting pretentious hogwash to a bunch of promiscuous socialites with my trusty 6 string any time soon, but I’ll continue to learn, and eventually advance beyond the help of Rocksmith, grow horns and dethrone Jimi Hendrix as the greatest guitarist of all time. If I ever find the time, that is.
Jaz RignallSep 23, 2014
Rocksmith 2014 is a very impressive guitar learning experience. Its comprehensive suite of lessons and practice formats, fun mini-games and hugely entertaining Session Mode make it suitable for anyone, from novices who've never picked up a guitar to competent players looking to improve their technique.
Chandler WoodOct 24, 2013
It’s a title with a very specific purpose and real world application in mind, and for that alone I could give it a nearly perfect score. It is lag free (based on my home theater setup), load free, and features a simple yet modern interface design. Navigation is extremely quick meaning you spend more time playing and less time figuring out where to go, and the song selection is varied enough that there is something for everyone.
Tristan OgilvieOct 22, 2013
What makes Rocksmith 2014 such a great companion for any guitarist or bassist is its power to incentivise: it’s capable of sparking new passions or rekindling old ones in players of all skill levels via its successful gamification of common guitar-playing techniques. It’s smooth, flexible, always encouraging, and makes practicing a pleasure rather than a chore. Whether you’re a fretboard virgin or a would be virtuoso, Rocksmith 2014 deserves a place in your daily practice routine.
Matt WalkerOct 23, 2013
Rocksmith 2014 is not a game. It is a tool for learning, with benefits. You can enjoy the experience you get with the game at face value. However, it is not designed this way. It says on a piece of paper in the box that you can learn to play the guitar in 60 days by taking the 60-day challenge. While I am not going to say this is 100% accurate, I can honestly claim that if you have the drive to learn, then Rocksmith will definitely be the best tutor you’ll ever pay for.
Katy EllisNov 22, 2013
Rocksmith 2014 Edition is certainly more suited to complete beginners than experienced musicians, yet still includes a host of brilliant features that will improve your skills when used daily. Despite its muddled presentation and occasional technical hiccups, this is still a great tool, providing you with the ingenious Riff Repeater and your very own virtual band.
Gillen McAllisterOct 25, 2013
This isn't a game per say. There is a multiplayer mode, but this isn't a party game. Yet its ability to teach you to hear when you're playing a sour note and to have you actually playing along on a real guitar is such a rewarding experience it leaves Guitar Hero and the like in the dust. It's definitely an improvement over the first. The team have done good.
Mathias OertelOct 23, 2013
Zwar gibt es auch dieses Jahr noch Schönheitsfehler wie das zwar stark verbesserte, aber immer noch unter bestimmten Konfigurationen auftretende Lag oder den kostenpflichtigen sowie leicht unvollständigen Import der Vorgängertracks. Dennoch ist Rocksmith 2014 eine klare Empfehlung für alle, die eine Gelegenheit suchen, ihre Gitarren- bzw. Basskenntnisse mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit aufzufrischen oder auszubauen.
Florian VelterNov 13, 2013
Deux ans après la sortie US du premier, ce Rocksmith édition 2014 peine à convaincre qu'il a vraiment fait progresser la recette de ce dernier. Certes, les menus sont plus clairs et la refonte des modes n'a pas été inutile. Les cours sont plus nombreux et plus détaillés, la playlist est toujours très efficace et la méthode est vraiment sympathique pour débuter.
LespolNov 12, 2013
Fort d'une tracklist une nouvelle fois excellente et de nouveaux modes de jeu accrocheurs, Rocksmith Edition 2014 devrait sans peine séduire les fans du premier opus. Pour autant, tout n'est pas parfait, et il est dommage que certains défauts n'aient pas été corrigés, à commencer par un système de partitions perfectible et une gestion de la difficulté perturbante. La reconnaissance peut également poser problème, mais l'expérience n'en reste pas moins agréable pour tous les fans de rock.
Filippo FacchettiOct 22, 2013
Nonostante gli interessanti miglioramenti e le novità inserite dagli sviluppatori, quindi, Rocksmith 2014 continua a non essere un gioco ma piuttosto un ottimo software didattico pensato per assistere gli aspiranti musicisti nella loro lunga marcia verso l'eccellenza. Esattamente come lo scorso anno, anche stavolta vogliamo sottolineare che questo prodotto non è stato pensato come un vero sostituto alle lezioni tradizionali, ma che fornisce comunque un buon numero di strumenti con cui confrontarsi quotidianamente per cercare di migliorare la propria tecnica.
Francesco DestriNov 11, 2013
Un voto da prendere con la giusta attenzione. Se infatti speravate in una versione potenziata rispetto a quella dello scorso anno, evitate pure l’acquisto visto che a parte i 1080p e il trasferimento dei vostri brani da Xbox 360, questo “upgrade” per Xbox One è del tutto inutile. In caso contrario Rocksmith 2014 Edition è un titolo caldamente consigliato se volete migliorarvi come chitarristi, suonare con una band virtuale e sperimentare con suoni ed effetti… latenza permettendo.
Lazlo CootmansNov 12, 2013
Session Mode en Nonstop Play moedigen nieuwe spelers aan om te blijven oefenen en geven ervaren gitaristen voldoende vrijheid om nieuwe dingen te proberen. De eerste Rocksmith-game ontpopte zich tot een degelijke gitaarleraar met enkele storende technische mankementen. Rocksmith 2014 biedt dezelfde kwaliteiten als zijn voorganger, maar is een stuk gestroomlijnder. Dankzij deze evolutie is het gemakkelijker dan ooit om je gitaar er weer eens bij te pakken. Of zoals KISS zou zeggen: rock and roll all night!
Kristoffer NyrenNov 12, 2013
Jag vill nog ändå rekommendera riktiga gitarrlektioner för att få mer precis feedback och se spelet som ett komplement för att finslipa dina tekniker och lära dig de specifika låtarna som erbjuds. Men oavsett hur jag väljer att gå vidare med min gitarrkarriär har jag haft oerhört kul med Rocksmith 2014, och känslan av att lyckas spika flera hammer-ons i rad är minst tusen gånger coolare än den jag får när det går riktigt bra i Guitar Hero eller Rock Band.