Rock Band 2 for PlayStation 3

Rock Band 2

Oct 19, 2008
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Developer: Harmonix
Content Rating: Teen


Harmonix, deliver Rock Band 2, the next step to the platform that lets audiences of all ages interact with music in an all-new way. Rock Band 2 lets players vicariously jam out as some of the best guitarists, bassists, drummers and singers of all time.

Featuring a track list with more than 100 on-disc and downloadable tracks from some of the most hallowed bands of the rock pantheon, Rock Band 2 by challenges rockers to master lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.

Critic Reviews

5 Reviews
Aaron ThomasNov 12, 2008
It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Rock Band 2 looks just like the first Rock Band. Custom rockers have more outfits to choose from and look truly outrageous. Their onstage moves match their clothing, too. All band members are animated to the music and feature a wide range of moves that, while hard to notice while you're playing, are entertaining for anyone watching you play. The grainy filter that was a tad overdone in the original game is toned down here, and the graphics look better for it.
VGChartz StaffFeb 27, 2009
Rock Band 2 is something every game should want to be; pure, simple, unending fun. The music/rhythm genre is still in its infancy, and as Activision seems to do everything in their power to over saturate the market, it is comforting to know that the true innovators behind the scenes are committed to keeping the genre fresh and novel.
Eric BlattbergOct 19, 2008
The graphics are nearly identical to those seen in Rock Band 1, but the presentation and layout of the game have improved dramatically (and you stare at the scrolling notes the whole time anyway). The gameplay is uncannily unchanged, but it was brilliant to begin with. The peripherals haven’t been reinvented, but each – with the exception of the microphone – has been refined well. Throw in worthwhile new modes, a no-fail option, and 84 on-disc master tracks, and there’s no excuse not to attend this encore.

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