Retro City Rampage for PlayStation 3

Retro City Rampage

Oct 9, 2012
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Developer: Vblank Entertainment, Inc.
Content Rating: Teen


A parody of the open-world action genre, Retro City Rampage takes modern game mechanics and mashes them into an authentic 8-bit experience. Equal parts fast paced arcade action and an epic mission based story mode, it's all the driving and shooting you'd expect and a whole lot more! With missions that twist pages straight from classic game experiences, you get to re-live and rewrite history in a way only a modern anti-hero could!

Critic Reviews

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Henry GilbertOct 12, 2012
The rampant nostalgia is incredibly endearing, and it’ll be very appreciated by lovers of that period in American pop culture. But games like Bit.Trip and Meat Boy are better than Retro City Rampage, and it's because they don’t just emulate classic games, they move past them. RCR instead submerges itself in an ocean of retro references, but forgets to come up for air often enough to make the game all that fun to play.
GametrailersOct 15, 2012
For all its snark and irreverence, Retro City Rampage is pretty earnest in terms of what it’s all about: take a gander at all the rampage events and the dizzying array of display modes available, and it all becomes clear. If you have a soft spot in your heart for classic games and an appetite for open-world destruction, you’ll be able to overlook the knee-slappers and mechanical mishaps that occasionally mar this expansive pastiche.
Carolyn PetitOct 12, 2012
Retro City Rampage is a good amount of game for your $15, and if you're old enough to remember the 80s, its shortcomings will be outweighed by the pleasures of jacking cars, spotting references, and discovering secrets in its enticing 8-bit city. It's appropriate that there are so many time travel references in Retro City Rampage. Like the cold response Marty McFly got from his failed attempt to introduce 80s-style guitar licks to the people of the 1950s, a game like Retro City Rampage might have been too much for players of the 1980s to handle. But now, its time has come, and it's well worth experiencing, warts and all.

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