Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3

Resistance 2

Nov 4, 2008
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Developer: Insomniac Games
Content Rating: Mature


Picking up immediately where Resistance: Fall of Man concluded, Resistance 2 follows Nathan Hale as he finds himself once more in a world transformed by war and invasion. Undaunted by their defeat in London, the Chimera have continued to advance and are now poised to attack the United States. Entire cities have been leveled and communities annihilated. In this war where the odds are so heavily stacked against the human race, few are left who are willing and able to fight. Fortunately, Hale is not alone. A group of super soldiers known as the Sentinels will fight alongside Hale as they collectively attempt to thwart the inevitable.

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Dec 24, 2020
even at difficulty lev @ "normal", man is it still hard on some missions! from this, i lose interest and didn't finish it due to annoyance of its normal diff is too hard. BUTT 'twas cool and awesome and had significant improvements to the gameplay from its previous game.
Baba Saidy Bah

Baba Saidy Bah

Apr 23, 2021

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Tom OrryNov 10, 2008
It's a solid FPS, with moments of brilliance and some top notch multiplayer modes. It isn't the system seller it could have been though. The campaign is the biggest offender, switching between mediocre and spectacular far too regularly, as does the presentation. The storyline and characters once again fall flat, with Insomniac failing to build anything to really care about into a sci-fi premise that has an awful lot of potential.
Vinny CaravellaNov 10, 2008
Resistance 2 has a rubbish single-player campaign, which left me angry and confused. The lack of coherent storytelling is my biggest issue, but there's really nothing wrong with the overall gameplay. I am still of the opinion that the rest of the package makes it one of the best multiplayer shooters currently out for the PlayStation 3. Though my experience with the co-op definitely varied depending on the group I was with, it never ceased being entertaining.
Chris WattersNov 05, 2008
All in all, Resistance 2 is an excellent game. The stirring scale of the single-player levels is impressive and the pervasive details make them truly awesome. Despite the squandered story, blasting your way through the campaign is electrifying, thanks largely to the deadly weapons in your arsenal. The cooperative multiplayer is a resounding success, and the competitive modes are terrific in their own right.

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