Resident Evil: Revelations for PlayStation 3

Resident Evil: Revelations

May 21, 2013
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Developer: Capcom
Content Rating: Mature


Taking place in 2005, between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, the action centers on BSAA member Jill Valentine and introduces her new partner Parker Luciani. They have been sent to search for Chris Redfield, whose last known GPS data positions him as being on the ship. Far from being empty, danger lurks around every corner as Jill and Parker explore the confined space of the ship and must face a menacing new enemy that emerges from the darkness.

Critic Reviews

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Carolyn PetitMay 22, 2013
Outside of the campaign, there's Raid mode, an opportunity to fight off enemies solo or with another player, and though the process of leveling up and earning points with which you can purchase more and better gear is predictably compelling, the combat still lacks the spark of scariness that infused the action of earlier Resident Evil entries. Revelations is a decent adventure, but it doesn't come close to reaching the heights the series has in the past.
Michael HarradenceMay 20, 2013
Overall, Resident Evil: Revelations is a superb return to form for the series, and hopefully an indication of the direction Capcom intends to take the franchise from here on out. The pacing is brilliant and the balance between action, exploration and puzzle solving is spot on. Sadly, it’s let down by some cumbersome controls and awkward combat, though these hiccups can still be overlooked, leaving an enjoyable horror-action romp ripe for the picking.
Tim TuriMay 20, 2013
This former 3DS game doesn’t stand toe-to-toe with the best console shooters, but it’s a faithful port. Revelations has a lot to offer fans of the series and players looking for a more evenly paced, thoughtful shooter. The new content, including an entertaining challenge-based two-player co-op mode, along with dual-analog stick control make this the definitive version of Resident Evil: Revelations.

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