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Game TrailersMar 12, 2009
The series has gone from a leader to a follower, but Resident Evil 5 still succeeds at being an incredibly enjoyable video game. You'll get a lot more out of it than you do from typical games with no competitive multiplayer and while played cooperatively it really sings. It's lost a lot of what has made the franchise a pins-and-needles experience, but that sense of dread has been replaced with pure action that's hard to match. Whether you're a master of unlocking or a S.T.A.R.S. recruit, it's hard to put down and well worth the time and money spent.
Nick ChesterMar 14, 2009
Resident Evil 5 still stands on its own as one of the best games in the series. I can already predict this game is going to polarize a lot of people, though. Some are going to see it as a shiny version of Resident Evil 4 with the addition of some cool co-op play and some truly amazing gameplay sequences. Others will bemoan the sluggish controls and the loss of everything that made the early Resident Evil games so special. Me? I fall in the former group.
Jamie O'NeillSep 20, 2010
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition takes the original 2009 release and greatly expands on its overall package. Whilst the majority of the game's chapters are a continuation rather than a reinvention of the action gameplay template set in Resident Evil 4, there are elements in the extra content, 'Lost in Nightmares' in particular, which act as fan service by harking back to the first Resident Evil.
Lark AndersonMar 13, 2009
Resident Evil 5 successfully builds on the foundation of its predecessor while taking it in a drastically different direction. Having a partner introduces new degrees of gameplay depth and dramatic tension that make the game that much more exciting to play. Though the slow, deliberate movement and shooting may not appeal to everyone, this new sequel’s frequent large-scale battles and co-op play still offer a fun and exciting adventure.
Brad ShoemakerMar 12, 2009
That game paved the way for a lot of other great games, one of which is this direct sequel. I played it start to finish in three sittings, have played it extensively in other capacities while working on this review, and still can't wait to go back and play through it again cooperatively on higher difficulties to open up more of its goodies. If that's not the definition of a fine action game, I don't know what is.
Brett ElstonJun 24, 2012
If you’ve made your peace with this kind of stuff, it won’t bother you at all. If you’re trying RE for the first time because of the cool-ass trailers and explodaganza screenshots, such bizarre restrictions could irritate enough to make you put the controller down and fire up a game that doesn’t insist on clutching dusty old ideas.
Tom OrryMar 09, 2009
With a whole heap of content to unlock, including the brilliant Mercenaries mode (playable cooperatively off and online), a campaign that begs to be replayed and top of the line production values there's very little to be disappointed with. If you've read all that and the first thing in your mind is "but you can't move and shoot?" this isn't for you, but everyone else should grab a friend and enter the world of not quite so much survival horror.
Matt WalesMar 06, 2009
While it's occasionally hampered by outdated controls and problematic AI, it's the near-mandatory co-op and bombastic assault of visceral silliness that earns Resident Evil 5 its stripes. Sure, it might just be a shinier, snazzier retread of Resi 4 - and certainly, it lacks its forerunner's impressive sense of invention - but this is still big, dumb Grade A entertainment. Is it a classic like its predecessor? No, but it's a gloriously daft amount of fun and sometimes that's enough.
VGChartz StaffApr 14, 2009
With Resident Evil 5, Capcom has definitely abandoned the foundations on which the series was built. The final product, however, goes to show that a quality game can stand on its own.
Michael HarradenceMar 24, 2009
At the end of the day, Desperate Escape offers a bite-sized chunk of action packed goodness from start to finish, and if you are looking to get a quick fix of Resi co-op play, you can’t really go wrong. Sure, it won’t last you more than an evening’s worth of playtime, but expect more than your money’s worth in terms of raw challenge.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 09, 2009
Resident Evil 5, en definitiva, es “sólo” un gran juego, algo que para sí quisieran el 99% de shooters en tercera persona del mercado. Con un cooperativo sencillamente sensacional y con una campaña individual repleta de acción, la cantidad de contenidos hará olvidar al usuario la ausencia de innovación con respecto a su anterior entrega.
LoganMar 09, 2009
Si les bandes-annonces avaient donné le ton, Resident Evil 5 étonne malgré tout par son absence totale d'originalité. Nonobstant d'immenses qualités et un graphisme maîtrisé de bout en bout, on sera donc surpris du manque d'ambition de l'oeuvre aussi bien d'un point de vue scénaristique que structurel. Pourtant, difficile de cracher dans la soupe car si on excepte cette impression de déjà-vu, le titre de Capcom nous offre des combats mémorables, plusieurs passages extrêmement tripants ou tout simplement une aventure qu'on apprécie et parcourt sans regarder une seule fois sa montre.
Сергей ЦилюрикMar 13, 2019
Пятую часть никто и не превзошел: RE6 погребла хорошую механику под ужасным геймдизайном и навязчивыми скриптами, RE7 переизобрела серию вновь, оставив экшен позади, да и RE2 Remake пошла иным путем, сделав акцент на живучести противников. Поэтому в рамках своего выбранного направления Resident Evil 5 и по сей день остается одной из лучших, если не лучшей. И за это она заслуживает всех возможных комплиментов.
Rob OttensMar 09, 2009
Resident Evil 5 is een titel die op vele vlakken de top bereikt. Grafisch gezien is het een meesterwerk en de co-op modus is werkelijk fantastisch. Toch is het jammer dat de game op andere gebieden wat minder is. Zo speelt het in je eentje een stuk minder lekker, doordat Sheva wat vreemde acties uithaalt. Door het gebrek aan enge en wanhopige situaties, en een overvloed aan actiestukken, gaat de game wat meer de shooter dan de survival horror kant op, waar de franchise juist om bekend stond.