Resident Evil 4 HD for PlayStation 3

Resident Evil 4 HD

Sep 20, 2011

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Developer: Capcom
Content Rating: Mature


Six years have passed since Raccoon City was destroyed and the government has dismantled the Umbrella Corporation from the inside-out. But the terror is not over. Now a U.S. Agent, former Raccoon Police Officer Leon Kennedy has been dispatched on a mission to Europe to save the President's daughter from a "crazed organization" that bares a striking behavioral resemblance to creatures found in the Arklay Mountains. Is there a connection between these foes and the horrible nightmares from the past?

Critic Reviews

11 Reviews
Jonathan HolmesSep 20, 2011
If you already own Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, there is absolutely no reason to buy it here other than the HD-ness, which did nothing for me. Fans of HD-ness should adjust their own levels of interest accordingly. Additionally, if you only had the PS2 or the GameCube versions before, this is a nice way to get the extra content of the PS2 port along with the superior graphics of the GameCube original. Still, $20 is pretty steep for a digital copy of a game this old.
Adam DoddSep 20, 2011
RE4 isn't a particularly scary game, but it has its moments, and they're sprinkled far enough apart to make each one exponentially more enjoyable when you encounter it. If you're not necessarily a fan of the series or haven't yet played Resident Evil 4, this is arguably the best the franchise has to offer, and the slick new look brings it closer to what we've come to expect visually from games this generation.
Game TrailersSep 20, 2011
Aside from trophy support and online leaderboards, no new features were added. There's no Move support, for instance, which is curious considering it's already been re-released for the Wii. Unless you absolutely need to have a moderate-looking HD version, you'd be better off with the Wii iteration because it includes multiple control setups and all the same extra features.

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