Rambo: The Video Game for PlayStation 3

Rambo: The Video Game

Feb 21, 2014
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Developer: Teyon
Content Rating: Mature


Locked and loaded with the trademark Rambo arsenal of weapons, you battle through the boss showdowns and take-downs from the films - everything from Rambo’s evading the police in First Blood, to his single, explosive bow strike on Lieutenant Tay in Rambo First Blood Part II, and on to his shredding Russian helicopters with the DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun in Rambo III.

Critic Reviews

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Luke ReillyFeb 21, 2014
In a bowling alley arcade, circa 1997, a Rambo: The Video Game cabinet replete with a hulking plastic light machine gun smeared with Dorito dust and palm sweat might have been one of the better ways to lose several dollars. In 2014, the idea of slogging through an entirely scripted, arcade rail-shooter with a mouse or a joypad feels like an unmitigated waste of time for everybody involved.
Mat GrowcottFeb 25, 2014
We’d love to think that there was somebody out there that was desperate to play an on-rails version of the first three Rambo films, and that there’s a reason for this game to exist. Sadly, we suspect that that may just be wishful thinking. It’s more likely, then, that the developers thought that a popular name and a cheap budget would turn a profit – and with a boxed product and the promise of DLC on the way, we imagine that it’ll probably make a fortune.
Jim HargreavesMar 13, 2014
Rambo: The Video Game lacks execution. Underpolished, repetitive, and littered with difficulty spikes, it’s a hard-sell to most gamers and even those who adore the Stallone trilogy. Not only that, it highlights just how out-dated the on-rails genre is even today. Since Time Crisis, Point Blank, and House of the Dead, there have been no real change-ups. That probably explains why most have been relegated to seafront arcades and bowling alleys.

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