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Jeff GerstmannSep 26, 2008
It might not sport licensed riders, but with plenty of licensed parts and solid gameplay, it's easy to imagine that most fans of ATV action will enjoy Pure. But there's also that SSX connection, as the game's fast speed and reliance on tricks will probably give it plenty of appeal to fans of EA's criminally dormant snowboarding line, too.
Game TrailersSep 23, 2008
It may not have turtle shells, big rigs, or carbon fiber hoods, but PURE and its engaging mix of accessible racing, high-flying tricks, and solid production values land it on the pole position. You don't have to be an ATV fan to appreciate what PURE has to offer; you just have to enjoy high-speed thrills, truckloads of dirt, and plenty of air.
Tom OrrySep 25, 2008
We defy you not to enjoy Pure. In an age where simulation reigns supreme, Pure's over the top arcade fun is a refreshing change of pace. Somehow Black Rock has managed to make a game that is infectious, spreading the joy to all who touch it, even to onlookers who gather around the TV in awe at the incredible visuals.
Joseph CatalanottoSep 16, 2008
There’s a lot to love about Pure, but at the same time it can be hard to shake the feeling that something’s missing. At its best, Pure is a game that puts you in the middle of the action and exhilarates you with fantastic racing fun. But it’s not going to last you particularly long even with the multiplayer aspect, and I can’t help but wish that Pure weren’t a $60 game.
Carolyn PetitOct 02, 2008
Pure isn't the most original game out there, and it might have been nice to see it build on the trick system in SSX instead of just copying it wholesale. But nonetheless, its focus on tricks, boosting, and larger-than-life jumps over gorgeous environments pays off. This is an exciting racing game that seriously delivers on its promise of high-speed, high-adrenaline action.
Álvaro CastellanoSep 19, 2008
Pure es, probablemente, el mejor videojuego Off-Road de los últimos años. Toda la diversión y el entretenimiento de los quads se puede encontrar aquí, y el conjunto está hábilmente condimentado con un estilo arcade, unos escenarios apabullantes y una conducción accesible y espectacular.
RivaolSep 23, 2008
A travers un concept basique, Pure va au bout là où d'autres n'ont pas su faire preuve d'autant de finesse et de subtilité. Jonglant habilement entre des sensations contraires, il s'impose comme l'un des jeux arcade les plus sympas à jouer du moment que l'on soit coutumier du genre ou non. Dommage que le multijoueur boude la partie offline pour se concentrer uniquement sur les courses en ligne et que le solo soit aussi bref.