Payday: The Heist for PlayStation 3

Payday: The Heist

Oct 18, 2011
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Payday: The Heist is a high-intensity squad-based first person shooter where players take on the role of a hardened career criminal pulling death-defying heists in the never-ending pursuit of the next "big score." Quick wit, an equally fast trigger finger and above all teamwork are the rules of engagement as players will embark on a spectacular crime spree of six heart stopping heists, including blasting their way through a downtown bank vault robbery, managing hostages in an armored car hijacking and even a midnight infiltration of a top-secret, high-security facility.

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Jim SterlingOct 21, 2011
AYDAY: The Heist is a classic example of a diamond in the rough, a game that is just too enjoyable at its core for any of its issues to remain unforgivable. I have a feeling that, with continued support, it will only get better and better, and I think that shooter fans looking for something both different and perversely empowering will get a real kick out of what PAYDAY: The Heist has to offer.
Matthew KeastOct 18, 2011
Payday is clearly meant to be played with three friends, but if your plan is to go solo it’s still worth your time and money. The partner AI is surprisingly competent, and aside from a few expected quirks, never made us yell “What are you doing? Get over here!” like we’re used to in most games with partner AI.
GREG MILLEROct 18, 2011
I enjoyed my time with it and want to play more with my friends. Working together to get the loot and the insanity of trying to get out alive are tense, enjoyable experiences. Issues like the clipping and generally "blah" presentation keep PayDay from being an amazing experience, but they don't stop it from being a good time.

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