Payday 2

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CvgAug 13, 2013
William SchwartzAug 13, 2013
Be it committing genocide on all the cops in Washington DC or being more stealthy than Stealth Stealtherson McStealthington, add the fact that it's a whole 50% cheaper than most games at release and you will find that Payday 2 is a game built where you will enjoy yourself either way.
Joshua BruceAug 14, 2013
If you have a friends list full of like-minded and degenerate buddies, you really can’t beat the co-op experience for the price. But, by yourself, if you think you are going to be able to accomplish anything within this game beyond the simplest of heists, you’ve got another thing coming. This game is all about the co-op gameplay, and without it, PAYDAY 2 would be boring, frustrating, and decidedly below average. It just goes to show that if you set out to do one thing exceedingly well and accomplish it, other areas don’t matter quite as much. That sounds eerily like my personal life plan. Creepy.
Matt BertzAug 13, 2013
Pulling off a frictionless heist is the exception to the rule in Payday 2, but the tension is still palpable as you try to orchestrate a robbery without getting caught, and the adrenaline flows steadily as you inevitably repel the barrage of police waves while trying to make your getaway. The overly expensive upgrade system and lackluster AI could use some work, but the minute-to-minute action is thrilling enough to overcome these complaints.
Chris WattersAug 23, 2013
Though the PC is clearly the best platform for Payday 2, you can have a rollicking good time regardless of what system you're using. The systems and mechanics all have small flaws and limitations, but they come together to set the stage for exciting heists that you'll want to pull again and again. As long as you can find some felons to fight alongside, Payday 2 is an addictive and challenging criminal pursuit.
Lazar OdicAug 22, 2013
The game does a lot of things to improve on the original but has certain flaws that keep it from being a must-play. The inability to unlock gun attachments on your own terms is annoying, and the prices placed on shop items are criminal. Still, improved gunplay, cooperative excitement, and the thrill of perfect execution make Payday 2 a step in the right direction for the sleeper-hit series.
Dan OravasaariAug 19, 2013
Payday 2 is not a game for people looking for something without flaws, as it currently rests, it is only a shell of the potential it holds. The public online infrastructure is completely broken, the lobby system is nothing more than an awkwardly slow cursor trying to catch a fading job listing on a map, the frame rate will randomly screech the game to a halt, the game’s Safe House isn’t upgradable, even though it says it is and the AI doesn’t know what the ‘I’ stands for.
Cassandra KhawAug 15, 2013
Best with four people and disastrous alone, Payday 2 is a co-op shooter that isn't without its faults. How much you relish the experience is going to be dependent on whether or not you can get the right mix of people involved and if such things are as much your Kryptonite as they are mine.
Mike HolmesAug 09, 2013
Single player issues still persist, Payday 2 simply doesn't have the same appeal when viewed from that perspective, but when played with a group of friends (or even like-minded strangers), the thrill of the score is simply intoxicating, and covers over any of the game's shortcomings.
Alberto PastorAug 13, 2013
Bastante mejor que el original, tanto en diseño como en cantidad de contenidos jugables, Payday 2 puede presumir de ser uno de los grandes juegos de acción cooperativa del momento. Su complejidad jugable, aderezada por unos tiroteos realmente espectaculares y muy emocionantes, hacen de él un gran juego para cualquiera que guste de las batallas en equipo. Y es que superar un atraco sin hacer sonar las alarmas gracias a la perfecta coordinación de nuestro cuarteto criminal supone una experiencia fantástica.
Eike CramerAug 15, 2013
Payday 2 bringt viele gute Ansätze mit: Die dynamischen Karten, die Möglichkeit, den Tatort vorher auszuspähen sowie unauffällige Raubzüge versprechen ein spannendes Räuber-und-Gendarm-Spiel. Die umfangreichen Freischaltungen und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten motivieren und die Anzahl der Einsätze kann sich durchaus sehen lassen. Sobald der Titel aber bei Kontakt mit der Polizei zu einem Shooter mutiert, gehen viele dieser guten Ansätze verloren. Die Shootermechanik ist durchschnittlich und die Gegner-KI enttäuschend.
Damien GreffetAug 29, 2013
Pourtant, Payday 2 happe le joueur avec son gameplay nerveux et hyper accrocheur. C'est simple et ça marche, tout en faisant bien plus que de respecter les promesses faites dans les pubs. D'une durée de vie quasi-illimitée, Payday 2 mettra votre cerveau à l'épreuve du multitasking entre un braquage à gérer, une équipe à garder en vie, et des hordes de flics à malmener car opposés à vos projets. Tout simplement génial !
AnagundSep 09, 2013
PayDay 2, c'est de la bombe. Tel un vrai pro du grand banditisme, vous pouvez préparer vos casses pendant de longues minutes avec vos potes pour la jouer discret et ne jamais vous faire repérer. Vous voilà avec un jeu d'infiltration. Cependant, quand ça foire, vous êtes aux prises avec des assauts des forces spéciales. Vous voilà avec un jeu d'action. En y ajoutant l'aspect aléatoire, les imprévus, la possibilité de se barrer ou de continuer selon votre choix, la diversité des niveaux, les nombreux accessoires ou encore les spécialisations, PayDay 2 a tout ce que l'on demande à un blockbuster.
Stefan StuursmaSep 30, 2013
PAYDAY 2 is een game met een heleboel potentie en goede ideeën. Helaas is niet alles even piekfijn uitgewerkt waardoor je spelervaring een klein beetje verstoord wordt. Is het niet je geweer die alle kanten op vliegt, dan is het wel de AI die weer eens met heel andere dingen bezig is. Vaak is er wel een manier om je probleem op te lossen, maar dit soort problemen horen überhaupt niet in de game te zitten. Gelukkig maken de modificaties, unlockables en Crimenet een heleboel goed.