Outland for PlayStation 3


Jun 14, 2011

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Developer: Housemarque
Content Rating: Everyone10+


An action platformer with a combat/interactivity system based on polarity, Outland focuses on a hero who can switch between light and dark forms, an ability he'll need to exploit in order to destroy monsters and avoid attacks. He'll take damage from opposite-colored bullets but will be impervious to those of the same polarity. He'll also only be able to control objects that match his polarity. By switching between forms, he will be able to solve platforming puzzles and crush enemies in this mysterious new land he finds himself in.

Critic Reviews

10 Reviews
Brad ShoemakerMay 04, 2011
I have no reservation calling Outland an absolutely beautiful game. Housemarque does a lot with a little here, employing a silhouetted art style similar to Limbo but with Tron-like red, blue, and yellow highlights applied to the characters in mostly tribal patterns that make them stand out and help highlight the tremendous animation.
Tom Mc SheaJun 22, 2011
Outland is a meticulously crafted game in which every element is used to further the overall experience. It's one thing to get huge ideas right--such as boss fights and visual design--but the brilliance of Outland goes much deeper than that. This is a game that truly understands what makes a platformer great, and it adds enough unique elements to separate it from its peers. From the pacing and difficulty curve to the controls and combat, everything comes together to form an amazing, unified adventure.
Josh FernandesJun 23, 2011
If you have a friend, then playing through Outland together will definitely make the experience a lot more fun. Outland is a great title for the PSN. It draws from several other games for inspiration, but is able to make an experience that feels unique. Some long boss fights, and the fact that energy balls of the same color can hit you right as you change, are the only things keeping this game from being a truly great game.

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