Okami HD for PlayStation 3

Okami HD

Oct 30, 2012

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Developer: HexaDrive
Content Rating: Teen


Okami comes alive through beautiful scenic 3D levels that have the appearance and texture of paper scrolls brushed with watercolor-like calligraphy art. Playing as Amatarasu, the sun goddess who takes on the form of a wolf, your goal is to bring life back to the world. Bringing life back to the world involves defeating lots of beasts. With each beast you defeat, the world's life force is restored just a bit, with colors and eventually people appearing.

Critic Reviews

17 Reviews
Kyle MacGregorNov 23, 2012
Those few minor gripes aside, Okami HD is the definitive version of one of the past decade's premier games and absolutely deserves to be played. Whether you've experienced it before or have yet to do so, do yourself a favor and pick this up.
Esmeralda PortilloNov 19, 2012
With updated graphics and a campaign stretching 30 to 50 hours, all for $20, this is a steal for anyone looking for a game that takes a lighthearted approach to the Legend of Zelda formula of dungeon puzzle solving and land exploration. Okami HD is a great example of what games can accomplish outside the realm of guns and gore, and I love it for that.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioNov 08, 2012
Okami HD is the definitive version of Okami. It has the best graphics, fewest bugs, and most responsive controls if you are using a DualShock. It runs perfectly in widescreen 1080p without a hitch. At a budget price of $19.99, there’s little reason not to pick up this game, especially if you haven’t played the original.

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