Noby Noby Boy for PlayStation 3

Noby Noby Boy

Feb 19, 2009
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Offering a unique play experience from one of the videogame industry's most creative minds, Noby Noby Boy gives players complete freedom to create gameplay suited to their tastes. As Boy, players can eat and spit out nearly everything they encounter in the game, from people and animals to trees and buildings, helping them to gain length as they stretch their elongated body. Players can control Boy's front and back ends using the PS3 controller's two analog sticks, allowing for incredibly detailed movements such as tying themselves into knots or threading Boy through holes in the environment

Critic Reviews

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Maria MontoroFeb 19, 2009
The sounds are also outdated and redundant, probably on purpose, as an homage to old-school gaming. It's funny to hear old Atari sounds in a 2009 game. In fact, some of the sounds are a hoot. It's just too outdated for today's gamers and it gets old and annoying quickly.
Sammy BarkerFeb 19, 2009
Noby Noby Boy is a baffling concept with ideals of teamwork and childhood strung together into a neat package. Few will scratch the surface, which considering the microscopic price tag, will suffice. For everyone else, there are hours of playtime to be had.
Anthony BurchFeb 26, 2009
It may not be anything more than a fantastically bizarre toy that's only fun for an hour or so (though I can't promise I won't boot it up once more when Girl reaches another planet), but it's consistently confusing, completely fearless, and there has never -- never -- been anything else like it.

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