No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise for PlayStation 3

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Aug 16, 2011

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About this game

Developer: AQ Interactive
Content Rating: Mature


Anime geek Travis Touchdown wins a Beam Katana and starts a new career as a professional killer in this remake of the first entry into the unusual action franchise No More Heroes. There's only one way to the top ranks of the underground world of paid assassins and it's going to get messy. Lucky for Travis Touchdown, he just knocked off the world's eleventh best without breaking a sweat.

Critic Reviews

14 Reviews
Adam DoddAug 16, 2011
Heroes' Paradise is a fantastic game that has a lot to offer. It's got a unique flavor, some fantastic boss fights, excellent combat, slick visuals, and more than a few lines of dialogue that will have you laughing giddily.
Paulmichael ContrerasSep 21, 2011
The side jobs are tedious and not very rewarding, though the entertaining storyline is worth seeing to the finish – but only in small spurts at a time. Finishing this game in one setting is not recommended, unless you enjoy mind-numbing repetitivenes
Matthew KeastAug 17, 2011
It's really too bad we had to give this version a lower score, but the game just doesn't live up to the potential of being a superior version of a beloved game. Instead, it's an inferior version due to the controls, and the graphical improvements are nearly nonexistent

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