Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PlayStation 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Jul 3, 2007

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About this game

Developer: Team Ninja
Content Rating: Mature


As Ryu Hayabusa you are out to seek revenge after your clan is massacred by the Vigor Empire. Realistic battle actions and acrobatic ninja moves are at your finger-tips. You play with only your wits, your ninja skills, and your deadly sword. Slice down opponents in the Vigor Empire as you attempt to beat the Holy Emperor and reclaim the magic sword "Ryuken".

Critic Reviews

9 Reviews
Kevin VanOrdJul 02, 2007
There's simply a lot of game here, and the fact that this is a retooling of a three-year-old title for a new audience shouldn't dissuade you from playing it. Whether you're a series veteran or a newcomer, the in-your-face action of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is as exhilarating now as it ever was, and the new, slickly embedded content is surprisingly meaty. Play this game.
Amanda L. KondolojyJul 03, 2007
Overall, if you buy one Ninja game this year, make it Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I know there's lots to choose from out there, but trust me, this one delivers. It's got satisfying gameplay, wonderful music, and some uber-amazing visuals. And you'll have lots of fun. I can almost guarantee it. If not, then you may be allergic to ninja fun. And that's something to get looked at!
Gavin OgdenJul 02, 2007
Getting your head around the combat is key to having a good time. Once mastered, you'll find an immersive action romp full of original challenges, incredible environments and interesting characters. This game might have been around for years, but the intensity of the gameplay has yet to be bettered.

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