NHL 14 for PlayStation 3

NHL 14

Sep 10, 2013
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Developer: EA Vancouver
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Unlock the highest level of hockey aggression, speed and skill. NHL 14 brings together the best technology from EA SPORTSTM  to deliver the most authentic hockey experience ever. Deliver hits with the cutting-edge NHL Collision Physics, built from FIFA’s revolutionary Player Impact Engine. Drop the gloves with the new Enforcer Engine, powered by EA SPORTSTM Fight Night technology.

Critic Reviews

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Justin CloydSep 10, 2013
All in all, NHL 14 is a very polished game that takes full advantage of its subject to create an intense, thrilling sports title. Its brutal, energetic nature offers a unique experience that most gaming versions of sports lack, and it’s definitely my favorite sports game of the year. I recommend this game both to hockey fans and non-fan gamers. Although I had never played an EA Sports NHL game before today, I’ll definitely be playing one tomorrow.
Brett ToddSep 10, 2013
NHL 14 is not a bad game; it's just a very familiar one. The core game remains quite good; the tweaked hitting physics and new fighting model can provide some spice, and the sheer number of solo and online options give you plenty to do. But the new features brought to the table don't add enough over what was available in NHL 13, making this a dubious buy for anyone who still has last year's game and can live without the crushing new hits and more widespread fisticuffs.
Steve HannleySep 11, 2013
Although it might not be based on the most popular league in America, NHL 14 is the best sports game so far this year. With an intuitively designed interface, refinement to become more user friendly and tons of noticeable tweaks, there’s a great game of hockey here that can be enjoyed by both hardcore and novice players alike. The NHL 94 Anniversary Mode is a fantastic inclusion that will allow many retro-minded naysayers to forego dragging out a Genesis to play hockey and positions NHL 14 to be the premiere pick up and play sports game in multiplayer environments.

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