NCAA Football 14 for PlayStation 3

NCAA Football 14

Jul 9, 2013

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Developer: EA Tiburon
Content Rating: Everyone


With an all new physics engine, play true to your team with NCAA® Football 14. New Coach Skills & Power Recruiting create the best Dynasty experience ever. Add in the fan-favorite Ultimate Team mode which includes thousands of former NCAA stars & you’ll have the deepest entry in the history of the franchise. This also unlocks 14 unopened All-American Packs in Ultimate Team.

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Adam DolgeJul 08, 2013
NCAA Football 14 is still a fun experience and there's plenty of content to gobble up for college ball fanatics. While there are no glaring problems, mediocre A.I., fair graphics, and generic gameplay and modes keep this from being a standout final entry for this generation. I had a blast running the ball, especially the read option plays, and the physics engine finally puts some weight behind the ball. It's also worth noting that the game is still plagued with small glitches and incredibly annoying load screens and occasional crashes.
Steven HansenJul 05, 2013
NCAA Football 14 is in a weird position and it shows. There are some mild performance issues -- start menus that take an extra few seconds to pop up, slowdown after a turnover, a crash or two -- that feel like the result of the waning console generation. Meanwhile, the series finally has physics, but in its PS3 and 360 swansong, a mere few months before, for many, EA’s Ignite and the next gen come in to wreck up the place.
Jason DulinJul 10, 2013
Overall, I think EA Tiburon has put out a solid looking and playing game of football. They have upgraded the graphics and visual look of the game tremendously from past versions. The online play is still about the same, but small additions to Online Dynasty is always welcomed since it is by far the most popular game mode NCAA Football has. Ultimate Team, I think, will be a great addition to the series and should have some longevity as well. The elephant in the room is the audio, though. EA Tiburon has some major work to do here that department.

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