NCAA Football 14 for PlayStation 3

NCAA Football 14

Jul 9, 2013
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Developer: EA Tiburon
Content Rating: Everyone


With an all new physics engine, play true to your team with NCAA® Football 14. New Coach Skills & Power Recruiting create the best Dynasty experience ever. Add in the fan-favorite Ultimate Team mode which includes thousands of former NCAA stars & you’ll have the deepest entry in the history of the franchise. This also unlocks 14 unopened All-American Packs in Ultimate Team.

Critic Reviews

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Joseph PetersonJul 17, 2013
Overall, NCAA Football 14 delivers in pretty much every way imaginable, with a few issues that arise from the Infinity Engine 2 and some issues with the no huddle offense. The improvements that it brings with this year’s installment are what fans have been asking for. In fact, it is the best football title to date to be released on this generation of consoles. EA Sports definitely changed things up this year by including awesome features like the new physics, coaches XP in Dynasty mode, as well as the Ultimate Team mode.
Adam DolgeJul 08, 2013
NCAA Football 14 is still a fun experience and there's plenty of content to gobble up for college ball fanatics. While there are no glaring problems, mediocre A.I., fair graphics, and generic gameplay and modes keep this from being a standout final entry for this generation. I had a blast running the ball, especially the read option plays, and the physics engine finally puts some weight behind the ball. It's also worth noting that the game is still plagued with small glitches and incredibly annoying load screens and occasional crashes.
GREG MILLERJul 04, 2013
NCAA Football is hitting the glass ceiling of this console cycle. The gameplay itself is better and more refined each time the game is released, but when it’s surrounded by dated visuals, dated audio, dated modes, what’s a fan to do? There’s a good football game here, but it’s far from an impressive package.

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