NCAA Football 08

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Aaron ThomasJul 20, 2007
While these additions are welcome, it feels like EA skimped a bit on the stuff that happens after the kickoff. The in-game presentation doesn't have much of a college football feel to it, and the amount of turnovers will likely frustrate many hardcore fans. But even with these issues, NCAA Football 08 is a great game and another step in the right direction for the franchise.
Amanda L. KondolojyJul 17, 2007
Controls for this game are very standard football game fare: very complicated. However, the good thing is that they're very intuitive, and although your buttons will be used for many different actions on the field, depending on where you are, and whether you're playing offense or defense, they are all somewhat related, so it's fine by me. If you have any experience with football games, you'll pick this one up right away. However, if this is your first outing with football on a console, then you may want to look elsewhere, because this game lacks any kind of tutorial.
Rich GrishamJul 24, 2007
Before you have nightmarish flashbacks to Madden’s Superstar mode, though, don’t worry - it actually works this time around. We also love the integrated ESPN Sportscenter feeds and embedded podcasts - they aren’t new to EA Sports games, but they’re sweet nonetheless. Sporting a beautiful look and feel and more modes than you can shake a stick at, it’ll cure your football fever all season long.
Game TrailersAug 01, 2007
NCAA Football 08 is the only college football game on the market, and while it's not a bad choice, it's an example of misappropriated resources. The things that weren't broken have been changed, and lingering issues have gone untouched. With that said, there's plenty of game here, and the problems aren't enough to detract from the overall joy of taking your alma mater to the promised land.
Jeff HaynesJul 19, 2007
NCAA Football 08 is easily improved over a weak effort that was delivered last season. It's on the edge of greatness as well, particularly thanks to a deeper Dynasty mode and inclusion of Campus Legend mode that helps add to the replayability of the title. However, the game still features a number of technical and balancing issues that keep it from being a truly great football game. However, football fans won't be let down by this game, and they should definitely check it out.
jkdmediaJul 23, 2007
This is a game that could have been much better. It is entertaining, and has great animations, but stumbles in odd places. Football is a game that is tough to really capture, with 22 bodies perform individual actions during a set span of time. NCAA Football 08 is a good title, maybe one of the best in the franchise’s history on the PlayStation platforms, but it could have been much better.