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Rich GrishamOct 24, 2013
Overall, NBA 2K14 on next-gen is ambitious, but flawed. While the majority of the on-court improvements are brilliant, they’re let down by certain aspects of the presentation that either feel old or imperfectly implemented. Don’t misunderstand: this is absolutely the best version of NBA 2K14, but despite the big visual and storytelling improvements, the game has brought plenty of baggage with it from current-gen.
David HinkleSep 27, 2013
NBA 2K14 will never make me a better athlete, but it sure makes me feel like a superstar. It's the finest simulation of basketball out there and this year's entry in the series is bolstered by smart and simple additions. The controls are more refined and intuitive, and "LeBron: Path to Greatness" presents an interesting series of "What if?" scenarios that will undoubtedly provide fans even more fuel for discourse.
PS Lifestyle StaffOct 11, 2013
Visually everything is stimulating, the sounds are present, and you sense the atmosphere of the surrounding the action. NBA 2K14 isn’t ground-breaking, but still a very solid game. You get all of your expected positives and negatives to a franchise that has taken over as head of the class in its category. With outside pressure coming, it will be interesting to see how 2K adapts to stay on top.
Timothy NunesOct 11, 2013
NBA 2K14 rewards those willing to learn a new way to use the right joystick and takes from still existing modes everything great that they have to offer. Though the experience may be narrow, the beautiful, immersive gameplay stands on its own among the rest of the sports gaming genre.
Ryan McCaffreyOct 25, 2013
It’s a credit to NBA 2K14 that despite not one but two new basketball sims looming on the next-gen horizon, it still managed to draw my attention squarely to the current-gen court and keep it there. Though LeBron’s new mode doesn’t manage to bottle the same magic of MJ’s from two years back, the new Assist Pass, and re-tooled ball handling have made what was already a finely tuned on-court experience even tighter. NBA 2K14 is simply the best hoops sim I’ve ever played.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioOct 01, 2013
Frankly, there’s not much more to say about NBA 2K14. Online play still works smoothly. Pick-up games are easy to set-up and proceed at a quick pace. The game satisfies everything that a casual basketball fan like me could want. Perhaps there is something more that the game is missing that a hardcore b-ball fanatic would catch, but for the life of me, I can’t see it. Simply put, NBA 2K14 is better than NBA 2K13, and worth buying even if you picked up last year’s release.
Matt MyerOct 02, 2013
NBA 2K14 is as solid as current gen basketball gaming gets. While not a revolutionary advancement over last year, smart gameplay tweaks and the return of a couple favorite game modes make it once again a must buy for hardcore NBA fans. MyCareer mode is still the leader in sports career modes for any sport, although sky-high expectations mean we always want more.
Aran SuddiDec 11, 2013
NBA 2K14 is a gorgeous looking game, with a vastly improved MyCareer mode and an in depth MyGM mode. MyTeam is something that will take plenty of time to get into and enjoy. However the inclusion of microtransactions and the need for an internet connection have a major impact on how easy it is to recommend this game. Still, it’s the best basketball game on the market.
Tom Mc SheaOct 01, 2013
NBA 2K14 is a great experience that deftly captures the essence of what makes the NBA so appealing. Nothing could perfectly replicate reality, but 2K14 has almost as much personality, and gives you the freedom to perform how you wish. With lifelike animations, realistic player models, and an assortment of moves that would make even Dwyane Wade blush, NBA 2K14 further blurs the line between the real game and its digital equivalent.
Matt BertzOct 01, 2013
Like the superstar who graces its cover, NBA 2K14 features an undeniable sense of greatness. Its presentation is the best the sports genre has to offer, and the gameplay refinements improve an already stellar game. It's a shame Visual Concepts didn't put the same level of effort into improving the popular My Career or Association mode.
Alex NavarroSep 26, 2013
For those reasons, along with the series' continued best-in-class visual presentation and broadcast commentary, I have no issue recommending NBA 2K14 to those looking for another tightly-tuned, exquisitely deep game of basketball for their current generation consoles. It'll certainly help if you have a particular interest in King James and his future endeavors, but NBA 2K14 has more than enough quality content to keep LeBron haters happy too.
Mike StubbsyDec 05, 2013
Visually the game is stunning, and at times can be mistaken for an actual game of basketball. Everything has received a visual makeover and it sure looks impressive. The gameplay is as solid as ever and is great fun, whilst still being a first class simulation of the sport. The game modes on offer result in a lot of variety and will certainly not leave you wanting more. The few minor issues and the crashes do have a slight impact on the game but, overall, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of NBA 2K14 are every bit as good, if not better, than their 360 and PS3 brethren.
Diego PazosSep 24, 2013
Insistiendo una y otra vez en la misma idea, NBA 2K14 puede ser un poco repetitivo, un poco continuista y, quizás, un poco cómodo de más. Pero NBA 2K14 es también uno de los mejores juegos deportivos hasta el momento, y una demostración más del grado de perfección que Visual Concepts ha logrado con los años, siendo capaz de emocionar y enganchar por igual a los que tantas noches volamos en las Aerolíneas Jordan y a los que disfrutan viendo sin más los mejores mates del All-Star.
Sergio MartínSep 25, 2013
Siguiendo una trayectoria similar a FIFA, NBA 2K es una saga que sigue evolucionando con cada entrega que se deja ver en los formatos de turno. NBA 2K14 vuelve a demostrar por qué es un excelso simulador de baloncesto y por qué, año tras año, sigue llegando a millones de usuarios en todo el mundo. Se trata de un juego realmente profundo, duradero y repleto de posibilidades.
Alfonso ArribasSep 24, 2013
En NBA 2K14 gozaremos de una mejor implementación de las físicas, una mayor fluidez sobre la cancha, una Inteligencia Artificial más aplicada en defensa y en ataque y un nuevo sistema de tapones que, aunque muy espectacular, es tal vez demasiado efectivo. Pero la franquicia NBA 2K va más allá de lo puramente jugable y ofrece un nivel de detalles en todo lo que realiza que debería servir de ejemplo para todas las franquicias deportivas anuales.
Jörg LuiblOct 16, 2013
Sieht immer noch klasse aus, fühlt sich immer noch klasse an und ist immer noch das beste Basketballspiel am Markt. Ich habe mich zwar zunächst geärgert, dass 2K Games schon wieder die Steuerung umgestellt hat. Aber wenn man sich an die neue Macht des Analogsticks gewöhnt hat, kann das zu sehr intuitiven Manövern führen, bei denen Dribblings und Abschlüsse elegant kombiniert werden – allerdings: Das kennt man wie vieles andere auch von NBA 2K13.
Maxime ChaoOct 04, 2013
On peut également se réjouir de l’arrivée de l’Euroleague, même si les 14 équipes (sans aucune française) se limitent à des matchs d’exhibition, apportant un vent de fraîcheur dans le roster. En revanche, grosse déception pour le mode "Path to Greatness" de LeBron James, fait à l’arrache, histoire de justifier la présence du King cette année. Mais le mal est pardonné car NBA 2K14 continue de régner en maître sur le parquet.
LespolOct 08, 2013
NBA 2K14 n'est clairement pas l'épisode le plus riche en nouveautés de la série, mais il n'en reste pas moins un titre intéressant grâce à ses nouvelles animations qui contribuent à rendre le gameplay plus fluide et plus réaliste. L'arrivée des équipes d'Euroleague est également appréciable, mais il est dommage de ne pouvoir les utiliser que lors des parties rapides. L'ensemble reste toutefois conseillable aux fans comme aux curieux en attendant des versions next-gen qu'on espère quand même un poil plus généreuses.
Aníbal GonçalvesOct 24, 2013
No geral é o melhor jogo de NBA até à data, mas isso já se tornou um chavão nos últimos anos. A equipa da Visual Concepts teve o mérito de conseguir afinar o sistema de controlos, embora não descarte a ideia que ainda haja trabalho para fazer nesse campo. A grande questão é que esta versão para 2014 não é bem uma despedida de geração, porque teremos o mesmo jogo, numa versão em esteróides nas novas consolas brevemente.
Luca ForteOct 24, 2013
Una volta scesi sul parquet, però, il gioco mostra tutto il suo valore con un gameplay ancora più fluido che in passato e una dinamica difensiva più precisa e efficace. I tanti cambiamenti nel layout dei comandi andranno assorbiti bene prima di essere sfruttati efficacemente, ma si riveleranno ben implementati e un ulteriore passo per aprire ulteriormente il gioco a tutti.
Alessandro MartiniOct 07, 2013
Meglio della grafica è l'audio, grazie alla solita, eccellente, telecronaca integrata da nuovi commenti e frasi, ma anche da una colonna sonora spettacolare. Oltre al tormentone estivo Get Lucky dei Daft Punk c'è Phil Collins con In The Air Tonight, e scusate se è poco! Certo, se in futuro arrivasse il doppiaggio in italiano nessuno potrebbe lamentarsi, o anche una “vera” Eurolega da affiancare al campionato USA.
Maikel de LangeOct 15, 2013
NBA 2K14 is nog steeds een van de beste sportgames around. Toch hadden we meer verwacht. Weggeblazen wilden we worden, maar helaas staan we nog stevig op onze plek. De game loopt als een trein, speelt als de tierelier en is qua gameplay beter dan zijn voorganger. Ook is hij nog even flashy als altijd. Het NBA-gevoel wordt wederom overgebracht naar jouw spelcomputer en beeldscherm.