NAtURAL DOCtRINE for PlayStation 3


Sep 30, 2014
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Developer: Kadokawa Games
Content Rating: Mature


Natural Doctrine puts players in a fictional world that revolves around a substance known as Pluton. Adventurers plunder Pluton from dangerous underground caverns, but there are evil and dangerous beasts, monsters, and more standing in between them and their loot. As evil follows these explorers to the surface, it's up to them to protect the city of Feste from destruction.

Critic Reviews

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Justin ClarkSep 22, 2014
Despite the aggravation, there's an audience for Natural Doctrine, a brand of uber-patient strategist who focuses with laser precision on how to manipulate the system and do his dirty deeds. The tools are there to do so, and with enough commitment and dedication, there's a point in which the true joys of the game open up for you to see. With that same commitment of time and energy, however, you could also play a better role-playing game several times over.
Mick FraserOct 05, 2014
Hardcore strategy RPG fans may find a decent experience here. In fact, it may simply be the case that Natural Doctrine’s blend of punishing difficulty and simple presentation don’t gel with everyone. One thing that is certain is that Natural Doctrine us not designed for the casual crowd, and unless you’re prepared to invest time and energy into learning its systems inside out – and then are still prepared to try and try again when you do know what you’re doing – you’d be advised to away from this one.
Sergio MartínOct 02, 2014
Kadokawa Games nos presenta un juego de rol táctico y desafiante como pocas veces hemos experimentado en título alguno, y menos de PS4. Su desarrollo repleto de combates cerebrales y extensos atraerán a un grupo selecto de usuarios, pero sus defectos echarán atrás al resto.

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