NASCAR 09 for PlayStation 3


Jun 10, 2008

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Developer: EA Tiburon
Content Rating: Everyone


Race YOUR way with the 2009 edition of the racing phenomenon! Choose a driving model that fits like a glove, create your ultimate dream car with endless design options, and generate unique driving credentials that feature your very own photo. NASCAR 09 is all about you! In fact, NASCAR's four-time champion Jeff Gordon will even take you under his wing and personally guide you through key aspects of the game. Use his advice to your advantage when racing in the all-new career mode or the Sprint Driver Challenges to earn reputation and become a NASCAR champion. Get ready to race for premier contracts as you work your way to the top with NASCAR 09.

Critic Reviews

6 Reviews
Gamespot StaffJul 03, 2008
The bottom line is that NASCAR 09 is a good racer but doesn't provide the same level of excitement as the real thing. Regardless, it's at least a small improvement over last year's game in nearly every way. If you're willing to spend the time adjusting some of the settings, you'll find NASCAR 09 to be a fun and challenging game.
Ryan GeddesJun 13, 2008
Most hardcore NASCAR fans will just be happy that there?s a new game version of their favorite sport, and we can report that it functions reasonably well as such. But to the general gaming public, even those of us who really love racing games, there?s nothing special about this one.
Game TrailersJun 17, 2008
After last year's false start, EA has made great strides in getting their NASCAR games pointed in the right direction. Yes, there are still some big licensing issues, and the AI still makes the same odd, boneheaded moves, but overall, NASCAR 09 is extremely playable, and should satisfy console gear heads looking to climb the ranks and make the chase.

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