MouseCraft for PlayStation 3


Jul 8, 2014

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Developer: Crunching Koalas
Content Rating: Everyone


Discover an epic tale of a crazy cat scientist who is striving to unlock the potential of a mysterious mouse-powered machine in this clever puzzle adventure. In MouseCraft, players help a group of mice in their relentless quest for cheese, guiding them to their goal by stacking different types of Tetrominos along their path. MouseCraft combines several elements of classic puzzle games to create something completely unique.

Critic Reviews

4 Reviews
RyanJul 11, 2014
While it might be a little too simple for hardcore puzzle gamers, MouseCraft is a fun, solid puzzle game experience. The ability to play on any of your PlayStation devices makes it perfect for those times your brain needs a little bit of exercise. Just be wary of that cat, I just know he’s up to something sinister.
Aran SuddiJul 08, 2014
MouseCraft is a game that manages to take inspiration from two classic titles and create something fun. The fact that I became obsessed with making sure every mouse made it through the obstacle course tells you how addictive this game can be. Of the 80 levels included, there are a few that can stop you in your tracks and put you off from returning, but that minor flaw aside, MouseCraft is a great game that puzzle fans should take a look at.
Matt CabralJul 21, 2014
Forgoing the sort of melon-twisting substance that has seen many code-cracking gamers pull their hair out in favor of a pick-up-and-play puzzler with plenty of Pixar-flavored appeal, MouseCraft is usually a fun little romp. Much like that block of Muenster in the back of your fridge, though, it's a game you'll likely forget about a week after you buy it.

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