Mirror's Edge for PlayStation 3

Mirror's Edge

Nov 11, 2008

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Developer: EA DICE
Content Rating: Teen


In a city where information is heavily monitored, where crime is just a memory, where most people sacrifice freedom for a comfortable life, some choose to live differently. They communicate using messengers called Runners. You are a Runner called Faith. Murder has come to this perfect city and now you are being hunted.

Critic Reviews

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Tom OrryNov 11, 2008
Combine a thoroughly entertaining single-player campaign with a stunning and challenging time trial mode and you'll soon forget that you managed to run through the story in six hours or less. There's depth here that you'll only discover hours into time trialling a single stage, and as we said, no other game released this year comes close to being as cool. We can't wait to see what Faith gets up to next.
Game TrailersNov 11, 2008
Faith's not infallible, but Mirror's Edge sides with innovation. First-person platforming is certainly nothing new, but an entire game built around it is. It works and comes across as a new beast, just don't expect a lot of play time from it unless you're obsessive compulsive. There's still room for refinement, but anyone who's curious, jump in. Just try to land on your feet.
Nate AhearnNov 11, 2008
Mirror's Edge is a classic example of some awesome ideas that just didn't pan out the way that was originally intended. The list of moves could be more expansive -- maybe by adding a fourth button to the mix -- and the world feels entirely too constricting for what could be a huge open city. Couple those gripes with some unappealing combat and a sometimes buggy design and Mirror's Edge falls short of my expectations. The ideas are there for a very cool experience, and I truly hope that a sequel is spawned, but this first attempt falls just a bit short.

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