MindJack for PlayStation 3


Jan 18, 2011
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Developer: feelplus
Content Rating: Mature


A new era. Sophisticated and complex technologies are now contributing to the advancements of mankind. However, the world's governments are crumbling, new corrupt powers arise and conspiracies proliferate. The truth behind the proscribed technology could destroy the very core of humanity. Join a rogue team of agents as they fight for survival and entangle themselves deeper into the mystery.

Critic Reviews

15 Reviews
Chris WattersJan 27, 2011
Yet even the thrill of being the bad guy dulls before too long because Mindjack's gameplay mechanics are so inelegant. It's hard to enjoy a game when you can't move the way you want to move, and beyond the cool premise and intriguing mindhacking ability, Mindjack doesn't do you any favors.
Enemy AI is dim as hell, the wonky cover system often has you shooting bullets into nothingness even when it appears they should be hitting your targets, and there’s no way to pause the game. When you add badly-voiced characters, drab environments with little personality, and repetitive shooter gameplay to the pile, Mindjack’s few unique elements don’t shine enough through the muck.
James TrujilloJan 18, 2011
There are so many things wrong with this game, it's almost hard to keep track. The poorly executed gameplay, the outdated graphics, the lifeless voice acting, the endless loading screens and broken pacing, the sad excuse for a leveling system that's too bad to even detail; it reads like a laundry list on how to make a bad game. Almost like it was a tutorial. Mindjack is the epitome of the idiom "Looks good on paper." and it will never be anything more.

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