Max Payne 3 for PlayStation 3

Max Payne 3

May 15, 2012

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About this game

Developer: Rockstar Games
Content Rating: Mature


Max Payne 3 is a sequel to the second game in the series, and features an older Max Payne with a new life and job abroad. But as dangerous situations spiral Max's life from bad, to worse, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Game features include: series first multiplayer functionality, a wealth of weapons, classic Max Payne Bullet Time and Shootdodge functionality, extreme realism and special bonus features.

Critic Reviews

16 Reviews
IpponMay 20, 2012
Overall, Max Payne is a solid shooter that not only keeps the core elements that made the series a hit but also added improvements in almost every aspect making Max Payne 3 the best in the franchise to date. The story is suspenseful, engaging and I was impressed the games character development. The single player and multiplayer gameplay is not only fun but also challenging. Fans of the series will surely enjoy this game and those new to the series will be in for a treat.
ScrewAttack!Jul 06, 2012
Alex CMay 14, 2012
Bleak, sometimes frightening, always powerful and quite often shocking, Max Payne 3 takes the third person genre about as far as it can go, and most likely does the same this with this generation’s now ageing console hardware. Polished to near perfection, with just a few minor sticking points that dent – ever so slightly – what is overall a wonderful slice of gaming. Enjoy.

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