Mass Effect 2 for PlayStation 3

Mass Effect 2

Jan 18, 2011
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Developer: BioWare
Content Rating: Mature


A single-player action role-playing game where the player takes the role of Commander Shepard through a third-person perspective. Shepard's gender, appearance, military background, combat-training and first name are determined by the player before the game begins. The player may choose to import a character from a completed saved game of the original Mass Effect or start the game with a new hero. Importing an old character allows several decisions the player made in the original game to impact the story of Mass Effect 2 and grants the player a set of starting bonuses. The game features six different character classes for the player to choose from. Each class is proficient in a different set of powers and weapon types.[

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Feb 29, 2020

Mass effect 2 is not only a massive improvment over the first game but it's a with out a doubt one of the best games that have ever been made. This is mostly thanks to the rich set of charatcers you can interact and fight with along with a great combat system and a incredible story. It's almost flawless and so please try this one out if you haven't yet.



Jul 11, 2020
José Cunha

José Cunha

Jul 3, 2020


Jun 6, 2020
Martin Ruiz

Martin Ruiz

May 19, 2020


Apr 6, 2020

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Joe McNeillyJun 24, 2012
Each new recruit has a personal quest you can tackle before setting out on the final mission. Completing a personal quest unlocks a new power and costume, and cements that character's loyalty to Shepard and the mission. Though technically optional, these diversions are the strongest part of the game and you're missing out if you don't play through all of them. They invariably contain a shocking reversal, a moral quandary of some description, and variations on gameplay that go beyond simple combat.
Colin MoriartyJan 17, 2011
Its solid third-person shooting combat isn't only functional, but stronger than many dedicated third-person shooters and a reason for shooter and action fans to get in on the fun. And above all else, the game's clean look, amazing voice acting, stellar story and interesting characters will push you to go further and further into Mass Effect 2 to see everything it has to offer.
Joe JubaJan 18, 2011
The characters, the story, and the gameplay come together to deliver a jaw-dropping adventure unlike anything else. Yes, reliving the choices of the first Mass Effect as an interactive comic book pales in comparison to importing your own Commander Shepard. However, aside from losing that consistency in the universe, Mass Effect 2 is just as good on PS3 as it on 360.

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