Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for PlayStation 3

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Feb 11, 2014
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The world of Gran Pulse is sinking into the sea and what remains is now called Nova Chrysalia. With only thirteen days remaining until the end of the world, Chaos reigns in a world that never ages. New life cannot be born. People need salvation. As Lightning, it is your mission to save as many souls as possible so that they may be brought to the new world. Along the journey, you will encounter familiar faces and engage new foes in all new lands. You must ultimately choose which souls to save and which to abandon...and fully understand Lightning’s true destiny. It all ends here.

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Alex DonaldsonFeb 11, 2014
It truly is a shame that there's so much sub-par stuff surrounding all that potential. This isn't a swing and a miss - the bat hits the ball - but it's certainly no home run either.
Bradly HaleFeb 11, 2014
Lightning Returns is the antithesis of its predecessors. The confined and plodding pace of the last two games is no more and the nonsensical narrative has been lightly improved. More still, the combat is hands-down the strongest of the three games. Unfortunately, Lightning’s new quest isn’t without its limitations as the visual fidelity has dropped in quality — after all, this is a four year old engine in a more open environment — and the degree past assets are reused is almost criminal.
Philip KollarFeb 11, 2014
At one point in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, a character from the previous games is talking about their past adventures and their seeming futility as the end of the world looms over them. "It didn't mean a thing," she says. "It's done and gone." The game eventually attempts to fight that fatalism, but it was too late for me. I've had some good times with the Final Fantasy 13 games and a lot of bad memories, with Lightning Returns mostly falling into the latter. But now it's done and gone. And it didn't mean a thing.

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