Katamari Forever for PlayStation 3

Katamari Forever

Sep 22, 2009

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The first entry in the joyous roll-em-up series for PlayStation 3, Katamari Forever retains the basic Katamari Damacy formula but ups the scale of everything. You'll find items in far greater numbers sitting around waiting to be picked up and added to your growing katamari clump. The game features over 30 stage goals -- the highest number in series history. All of this is presented in full 1080p visual quality. In addition, the visual design has changed. Or, rather, it can be changed. You can now choose your own visual style, selecting from a variety of styles like "comic touch," "new touch," and "wood touch."

Critic Reviews

10 Reviews
Maria MontoroSep 18, 2009
If you like to have fun and disconnect from real-life stuff, what better way than to play this groovy, off-the-wall video game that lets you sweep away whatever's in your path? Needless to say, if you've never been able to understand this series or simply get bored with it (sorry!), I can't give you a single reason why you should even come close to the game, as it retains the same gameplay style we've come to love.
Carolyn PetitSep 29, 2009
If you're eager to revisit your fond memories of katamaris past, you'll find that rolling a huge clump of stuff is still as irresistible as ever. And if you're new to this whole katamari thing, Katamari Forever conveniently features the best content you've missed from the earlier games. But this is all very well-covered territory. For its next outing, the katamari had better blaze a new trail or two.
Jeff GerstmannOct 02, 2009
The levels are saddled with time limits that prevent you from grabbing it all, but you can eventually unlock a limit-free mode, as well as another mode that makes your katamari roll super quickly. It's not a huge departure for the series or anything like that, but if you're open to the idea of a new game in the Katamari franchise, you'll find that Katamari Forever fills the void quite well.

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